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Originally Posted by zx6rgsxr View Post
Is there a way to test the flow of the fuel pump, or just the electrical connection readings to see if it is working at all?
I believe there is a way, it's in the service manual. It says something about troubleshooting the fuel pump.

Do you have the service manual?

2006 Lime Green ZX6R
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Originally Posted by ZX6RRNewbie View Post
I believe there is a way, it's in the service manual. It says something about troubleshooting the fuel pump.

Do you have the service manual?

Yes, I do have the service manual, I'll hopefully get to check things out this weekend.
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This is exactly what I was looking for, almost posted the same issue.

Bike feels a bit sluggish.. it started last year when a friend on 03 636 just flew away from me while in a straight line going around 100mph.

I disconnected the PCIII and that seemed to fix the problem. I have since changed out my exhaust from Yosh to Two Brothers Titanium, changed out the K&N filter and bike seemed to ride ok, but still sluggish at the bottom. Additionally, beginning of this year I got the FI light while riding, however, after a short stop the light went away and has not shown up again.

Currently the bike seems like its running rich and I was thinking of reconnecting the PCIII and dynotunning the bike.

I'm running full sinthetic oil, around 5k miles, servo elimination mod, jumper mod, K&N, Two Brothers.

Any thoughts on my next shot at this with the dynotune or shall I dive into plugs and fuel pump?
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Felt stupid once i figured out what it was
i wasnt running on all cylinders bad spark plug lol

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I took a look today and noticed two of the vacuum caps on the ports used for syncing the throttle bodies were deteriorated and cracked causing vacuum leaks. I had put them on after I sync'd the bike last season and wanted to just cap off all of the ports. Got them from AutoZone, should have known better. I just replaced the cracked caps with a hose connecting the two ports and also re-sync'd the throttle bodies, as they were a little off. This seems to have improved the sluggish feeling. There is still a bit of a lag until 8K, but that is probably to be expected. I have not tried disconnecting the PCIII yet to see if that will yield any results at all, but will probably try that shortly. I haven't done any testing on the fuel pump yet either, but will likely look at it if removing the PCIII doesn't make any difference.
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I think the throttle bodies being out of sync was the main cause of the sluggish feel at lower RPM's. Good to see you have resolved the issue.

2011 Ninja 250R
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Originally Posted by DefiantZx-6r View Post
Felt stupid once i figured out what it was
i wasnt running on all cylinders bad spark plug lol
So the one cylinder not firing didn't have any other symptoms other than a sluggish feeling until into the upper rpm range? I pulled one of my plugs and it looked pretty good, could have been a little lighter tan color, but very close to looking as it should. Now I am curious and want to go back and pull the other 3 to have a look. I just would have thought there would have been much more noticeable issues if one cylinder wasn't firing.
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Your not crazy

Same thing just happened to me, i have the jumper mod, k&n -1 +2, no power commanders or anything yeah it was beautiful through the lower revs, loads of tourqe then i went on a long run at sea level, came back up to about 12-25 feet above..and then i started getting this "hollow lag" like i was running a 2 stroke with-out a its pulling to much air all at once thus buggering up combustion. pluga re not that old but have seen the summer time, second oil change from mobil 1 to valvoline syth 4t...did just fit the K&N and im thinking this might have something to do with it. i thought maybe the chain might have streched a bit in the summer and its cool now...or its almost like a bike with almost slighty retarded timing....? Im going to first check the throttle body area/air filter all hoses, maybe the syc could be the deal...i have a lot of play in my throttle...? but it just seemed to come on out of no-where...before it was its not the same untill it gets over the 8k mark but even then im not getting up no where near as fast....wonder if a ECU reset might work....just Removed the battery?...maybe its a learn fault..since adding the K&N..since doing the Jumper mod i dont hear the valve rotate anymore?...but this problem came way after that..?

its not the Clutch OK, ive felt slipping clutchs...its some sort of bogging...maybe due to an induction leak...maybe poor spark or...retarded lie to try a hard reset on the ECU is it possible?.

please get involved if you can shed light here...07 zx6r.
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Spark on all 4 cylinders?

Of course I'm generalizing from a single example here, but everyone does that. At least I do.

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OK heres the deal

Originally Posted by Sev View Post
Spark on all 4 cylinders?
So.. i broke it down...first checked plug colours, which where near as damn it, perfect..light tan.

checked all sparks ok

checked out all air induction hose, plugs. ok

now...ive tryed to go by lowest common denominator and "balls ups" i might have made my self..i see we all installed high induction air filters K&n ect ect.

We all have tampered with fuel maps or/and done jumper mods (to default Eu fuel mapping).

Did any of us do a hard ECU reset when we performed the extra air intake? or the new fuel mapping?.

Cos i didn't.

So today, after checking over the basic egg and chips of plugs and induction..i got my self a can of that "seafoam spray".

Followed the general proceedure 3x over:

with air box off throtle held back sprayed a liberal amount into each induction pot, let settle for 20 seconds then turned on the bike and drew that shit through open throttle, whilst trying to start the bike.

stopped waited 10 seconds and then started again and drew through a whole bunch of sulphorus shite out the pipe, black it was...

did that 3 times over untill smoke out the pipe was just white(the product). now...

Your FI lights been blinking as nothings problem, once your happy induction is clear..move on.

to put everything back into sync..with jumper mod connected..remove both battery terminals and hold the RED and BLACK together, OFF THE BATTERY..this will aid in draining the system of any power...thus it will go to earth..hold them for 10-20 seconds.

Then put your battery on trickle charge until at full health.

Build everything back up and see if that does the trick.

you have given your ECU a fresh learn pattern to go with on "the extra air" fromt he K&N ..and the EU fuel map(from the jumper mod).

Not to mention if its now winter instead of summer...air density will also come into play on the new relearn.

I just test drove mine..power and response at low rpm is making me leave the seat again...I know you know what i mean...

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