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How to Lower your bike.

Ok, first, i know [:TTIWWOP]
Now secondly, I also know about 90% of you are against this, and guess what so am I. But Im not gonna stop someone from doing it.
So Ill write of the how too, and get pictures when I get a chance or someone wants to send me some.

Things you will need.
1. Lowering links.
2. Tools, (the tool kit that came with the bike is usually enough)
3. a Stand, or a jack or anything. Best method is a stand to support the bike with touching the back wheel.

On to the How To.

Most mechanics will tell you, that unless you are drag racing, 1.5" is the most you should lower your bike.

Step 1.
You'll need to remove the bottom fairing, so that all those screws out and take that fairings off, If you dont know how to do this, you shouldnt be attempting this.

Step 2.
using the a jack that wont damage the bike (Abba stand works great),
lift the bike. Now, under the bike you will see the 2 "dog bones",

you need to take those off. Its pretty easy, get the wrench and take the bolts out.
A friend would come in handy as well. On the new ZX-6R, i know there is clearance issues with the exhaust wile taking these out. I just used a jack to move the exhaust. You might have a better method.

Place the new links in and bolt those in. The friend will come in hady to lower the bike or raise the wheel, whatever is needed to get the bolt back in. Best bet is to lower the bike till the wheel is on the ground, and then let the bike compress it until the bolt goes in.
The links you ordered have 3 holes usually. The farthest is stock, the next is 1" or 2" and the last hole is 3" or 4".
On the 05-06 ZX-6R, 2 inches is acceptable, more is only for drag.

Ok, you're done for the back.
That was easy.
The front is where things get complicated.

Step 1.
Easiest way is to take all the fairing off, front included. If you're hands can reach all the bolts in on the triple tree clamps, then you know what, you dont need to take any fairings off. Your choice.

Step 2.
Simply enoguh just loosen all the bolts on the clamps. and handlebar clamps as well. NOW BE CAREFUL. I said LOOSEN not remove. You only want it loose enough to be able to slide the fork tubes up. Again best bet, use a jack to keep the bike up for safety.

Step 3.
At this point you wanna slide the shocks up. make a note of where they are stock, and then lower it accordingly. On the 05-06 ZX6R, you are limited, the shocks taper, there for giving you a max of just a bit more than 1". At the max the handle bar clamps will only hold on to the shock with about 1/3 of its surface area. There are tons of remedies, use a metal sleeve to fill in the gap. Ive heard a company even makes sleeves for this. Buy new clip ons that are smaller. (best plan) Any way up to you. I wouldnt lower the front more than 1 1/2" in the front on the 05-06 ZX6R.


Ok, thats it for lowering. Now put it all back together.

Now there are a few things you'll want to do if you value handling.
Go get your suspensioned dialed in right. If you know how, Good, if not pay the cash to do it right. This will help with ground clearance.

Now that its lowered you've also lost alot of your lean angle if you used it. This can be remedied with aftermarket rearsets. set them higher and you should be fine. However, you wont be as comfortable.

KEEP IN MIND. When you lower a bike, you want it to retain its "stance" or "Attitude" Basically you want to lower both the same amount to mainting the steering geometry of the bike.

Also, You will want to cut your stand. Use a hacksaw, and then cut off a small part, and re-weld the "foot". Or buy an adjustable one.



1. Best thing to do, have a custom seat made for you, if the height of the bike is the problem. You can lose 3 inches in the seat if you have it well done. You can also shave it, there is a how to. DiY and you can lose MAYBE up to 2 inches.

Im suprised no one has ever mentioned this. With my Skate shoes, its hard to flat foot. with running shoes i end up with flat feet and bent knees. Shoes can make a HUGE difference. Try it, you'll see.

If you have anything to add, or changes i need to make let me know.
Sorry for the lack of pictures. Ill get some soon to clarify all this.

3. Buy new suspension. A shorter set. Beware, HIGH COST!
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You can also just go to like home depot and buy metal bars, cut to desired length and drill a 1/2" hole for each mounting point. I believe that 1/4" will raise/lower the bike 1.3". The 1/4" is from center of holes. Or keep on jack and slowly lower bike until desired height is reached, then measure.

Total cost should be around $6 and your time

Just a little tip for the EL CHEAPOs like myself
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Very true.
However you'll want to use the second method to measure, since not all bikes use the same legths.
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dose anyone have pics doing the front i don't want to mess this up ?
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There isnt much to show for the lowering the front.
There are bolts in the clamp for the handles and two on each clamp.
you have to loosen them all and just slide the shock up. thats all there is too it.

As for pics of a lowered bike, I dont have any. Sorry.
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I would like to see pics of the bike lowered, maby show side pics of the bike.

also, how much of the front bars did you have come up from the tripple tree? did you move them up 2" more or less?
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Good god i wish mine was that simple. The original owner decided to put the stock links back in with a bolt going the wrong direction after it was painted. Now that would have worked had my exhuast not blocked it. So heres how mine went down (no pun intended) Take off fairings, move raditor out of the way, take off exhuast, take off left side rearset and then i could finally take the two bolts out that i needed. My simple project was a major pita.
I have pictures that i'll show you when im on my home computer, to lower the front you do like he said and loosen the two lower bolts and it slides down, however be careful, if they slip and go to bottom, your gonna have hell to pay. Just ask me how i know....
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why do people not like lowering bikes
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what about using ratchet straps on the front? I've seen those used alot at the dragstrip.
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