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2009 ER6N: Radiator Fan Problems (Thanks for Reading)

Hi, everyone -

I've been tearing my hair out trying to get to the bottom of this problem. I'm not an experienced mechanic, so any help would be much appreciated.

Here's the background:

I've been having trouble with my radiator fan for the last month or so. I commute on my bike in lots of stop and go traffic, so the engine gets very hot. About a month ago, the temperature light (and eventually the "FI" light) came on so I investigated. Turned out the fan wasn't turning on when the engine temperature reached the designated temperature (which I believe is 91C). I thought it might be the fan motor but I connected the fan to an alternate 12v power source and it worked fine. Then I replaced the fan's fuse. The fan switched on, which made me think that I just had a blown fuse. But within a couple days of riding, the fan stopped working again. Upon investigation, I discovered that the fuse was blown again. I then began to think that the problem was that the fan switch. After doing some research, I think that the ER6N doesn't have a dedicated fan switch mounted on the radiator as do other bikes. Rather, the ECU controls the fan.


1. Is this a fan motor problem? The bike has almost 15k miles on it, and still has the original fan motor. Maybe the fan motor is going bad and is firing too much current, thus blowing the fan fuse?

2. Is this an ECU problem? Again, the bike is old. Maybe the ECU is somehow firing too much current, thus blowing the fuse?

Again, thanks for reading. I would greatly appreciate any advice.
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Ive actually have this same problem, its making my coolant weep out of my radiator cap. But it doesnt pour out of anywhere else, just the cap. I haven't taken the cap to the autozone or mechanics yet, but besides that ive noticed it only happens when i stop. The engine gets super hot when I am trotting around, id have to be going almost 50-60 to keep it cool. Im puzzled because my fan wont turn on at all. Neither does any light or temperature come up when it does this. Insanely puzzled by this... I had my water pump serviced almost a month ago but it didnt start doing this tell almost a few weeks later.
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You need to get the fan working first- maybe a bad switch, fuse, or the motor is bad.

Then see if you keep having problems- try getting out any bubbles, tightening hose clamps, and adding a new thermostat. I would check the water pump last since it was replaced recently.
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Maybe something here can help..

Originally Posted by BlackDog View Post
I think this is from and early version...of the 650

Permanent type antifreeze is used as a coolant to protect the cooling system from rust and corrosion. When the engine starts, the water pump turns and the coolant circulates.
The thermostat is a wax pellet type which opens or closes with coolant temperature changes. The thermostat continuously changes its valve opening to keep the coolant temperature at the proper level. When coolant temperature is below 80.5 ∼ 83.5C (177 ∼ 182F), the thermostat closes so that the coolant flow is restricted through the air bleeder hole, causing the engine to warm up more quickly. When coolant temperature is more than 80.5 ∼ 83.5C, the thermostat opens and the coolant flows.
When the coolant temperature goes up beyond 93 ∼ 103C (199 ∼ 217F), the radiator fan relay conducts to operate the radiator fan. The radiator fan draws air through the radiator core when there is not sufficient air flow such as at low speeds. This increases up the cooling action of the radiator. When the temperature is below 91C (196F) ∼ temperature less than ON temperature, the fan relay opens and the radiator fan stops.
In this way, this system controls the engine temperature within narrow limits where the engine op- erates most efficiently even if the engine load varies.
The system is pressurized by the radiator cap to suppress boiling and the resultant air bubbles which can cause engine overheating. As the engine warms up, the coolant in the radiator and the water jacket expands. The excess coolant flows through the radiator cap and hose to the reserve tank to be stored there temporarily. Conversely, as the engine cools down, the coolant in the radiator and the water jacket contracts, and the stored coolant flows back to the radiator from the reserve tank.
The radiator cap has two valves. One is a pressure valve which holds the pressure in the system when the engine is running. When the pressure exceeds 112.3 ∼ 141.7 kPa (1.15 ∼ 1.45 kgf/cm2, 16.3 ∼ 20.5 psi), the pressure valve opens and releases the pressure to the reserve tank. As soon as pressure escapes, the valve closes, and keeps the pressure at 112.3 ∼ 141.7 kPa (1.15 ∼ 1.45 kgf/cm2, 16.3 ∼ 20.5 psi). When the engine cools down, another small valve (vacuum valve) in the cap opens. As the coolant cools, the coolant contracts to form a vacuum in the system. The vacuum valve opens and allows the coolant from the reserve tank to enter the radiator.
Originally Posted by BlackDog View Post
If your fan is NOT turning on then you need to check the FAN relay

and/or the Water Temp Sensor

sensor location...
Cooling problem-water-temp-sensor-location.jpg

There are many aspects to the cooling hopefully this can help...
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