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Royal Purple

IM planning on running Royal Purple oil with a K&N filter on my ZX6R for now one come spring for 2 reasons.

RP oil is the only high end oil I have yet to find that I can get in the exact viscosity my bike is supposed to run for some odd reason, and RP oil is supposed to be the best shit ever made.

I know that they claim the oil is the best on the market and that your engine will even run cooler with there oil.

Im kind of curious if anyone here runs it and knows if there really is a difference or if its just BS marketing.

Even if the bike doesnt run any cooler or shift any better (but not worse) im still gunna try it for the correct viscosity, but I have my doubts of its magic like properties that they claim.

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interested to hear a review when you get it done. i have heard of people running royal purple in there bikes but never heard praise about it. the auto parts store by me sells it in 10-40 but it doesn't say anything about motorcycle approved or anything about wet clutch. i have heard alot of track guys running motorex oil here and they love it.

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^^^ Agreed...keep us posted as to the results. I've never been 100% sold on the idea that a $10/quart oil does that much better than a $4/quart oil.....I've run everything from the "cheap stuff" to AMSOIL in my machines and have found it's much better to change your oild regularly than to spend a lot of extra money on better oil. I'm sure it makes some difference but only if you're pushing the bike to it's limits for hours on end....most of which us guys don't do.

But it'd be nice if they had a simple "Good, better, best" chart for the types of riding that different people do.
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Haven't heard anything but bad about Royal Purple. Breaking down in a hurry, poor protection. I'll see if I can find where I read it, it was some kind of study.

And it's not oil's job to make an engine run cooler, so that seems like an irrelevant marketing tactic to me. Oil's job is to lubricate moving parts.

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Originally Posted by chuckbear View Post
it's not oil's job to make an engine run cooler, so that seems like an irrelevant marketing tactic to me. Oil's job is to lubricate moving parts.
not entirely true. oil splashing on the underside of pistons help to keep them cooler.

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Originally Posted by locknload View Post
not entirely true. oil splashing on the underside of pistons help to keep them cooler.
Sure, but it's not the main function of oil.

Fuel also works to cool the engine during combustion but you wouldn't say it's a fuel's job is to cool the engine, would you?

What I'm saying is, you shouldn't buy an oil for it's cooling properties anymore than you should buy a certain fuel for the same reason. If your engine is running too hot you have other problems, and if it's running at the right temperature it's not beneficial at all to have an oil that causes the bike to run cooler.

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Sorry I forgot we had a section dedicated to this.

My bike isnt running too hot I've just heard RP say that engines run a little cooler with their oil and have my doubts about it.

They do actually have MC oil now and the only place that supposedly sells it online is in my state so I should be able to get some in a day or 2 after ordering it.

The oil I run now already costs 11 bucks a quart so its not really much of a difference.

The 2 main reasons for me wanting to run it are for the correct weight and the fact the bike has a high performance engine so I run high end oil in it. Im not running expensive oil to get out of oil changes, I change my oil every 2k miles regardless.

Come spring after the first oil change Ill try to remember to find this thread and let ya know how it works.

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I have never tried Royal Purple, but enough people like the oil or its price that the company has stayed in business for many years.

A lot of oil choice is how you think it makes the clutch and shifting feel. You might like its slightly different feel better than someone else. The Advance Auto Parts store near me sells the car version for a good price, and any hot weight above 30 is not labelled energy conserving and should be fine for most if not all clutches that are not on antique bikes.

Below are some quotes from Anyone use Royal Purple in their Bike(s)? - Motorcycle Forum
I've never been impressed enough with a used oil analysis of Royal Purple to put it in any of my engines. If you go by the UOAs on Bob Is The Oil, Mobil 1, Pennzoil Platinum, and Amsoil all outperform it.
I've been running Royal Purple in my '09 Yamaha V-Star 950 for about 1200 miles now (since my 4000 mile oil change) and have noticed better shifting and a quieter engine.
from an Amsoil rep: Take a look at how RP performs in the Motorcycle White Paper which was conducted by several of the Top Testing Facilities in the US.

soxOZ has a point.. Oil has 4 Major functions. Cool, Clean, Lubricate and Seal an engine.
A synthetic oil will often increase the time before the thermostat opens, or increase the time it takes before the hot coolant warning light comes on compared to a conventional oil, especially for sportbikes that are designed to be lighter and do not cool down well when going slower or stopped.

Mike Guillory wrote this: "All 5w40, 5w50, 10w40, 15w40, 15w50, and 20w50 oils which I have found are not energy-conserving and can be recommended for general motorcycle use."

Your Kawasaki owners manual probably includes a range of oils that the engine can use, depending on the temperature. If you want to ride the bike for 300,000 miles without a rebuild, using a 20w-50 weight oil in the summer and a 10w-40 weight oil in the winter might increase your chances.

I have not been brave enough to try this super-light oil below- many drag racers use it and they are very hard on engines, but they also change the oil a lot sooner than for a street bike. See the last 2 paragraphs here:

Brocks Performance: Bill Warner Featured in Race Engine Technology Magazine

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Yes, Royal Purple is a great deal. In fact, I have another great deal for you also.

I have a friend in Nigeria that needs to transfer $2mil from a Nigerian bank to the US. The problem is he isn't a US citizen so he can't do this by himself, he needs a middleman. For someone to do this for him he's willing to split the $2mil 50-50.

Since you're a smart guy that would never get suckered into a silly scam or ridiculolus marketing claims you seem like the perfect candidate. All you need to do to get this opportunity rolling is for you to PM me your bank account number with yout log on and password so we can get $1mil transferred to you. Then you'll just have to sign some paperwork and the $1mil is yours to keep.
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