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1983 gpz 1100 06-10-2014 06:41 PM

83 gpz 1100 makeover
guys i'm 51 now and time is going by too fast , so it's now or never.
my 83 has kawi racing green paint with wheels powder coated white.
rotors are drilled, stainless brake lines. fuel injection removed and cr carbs
are used.
engine is aprox 1270cc with cosworth pistons from the uk, ape rods with stock welded crank.
ape cams and cam sprocket
nrc extra plate clutch
supertrapp 4 into 1 with 2" race baffle and the end cap drilled , open header baby.

the stock fairing has always been a sore spot with me, looks good on the out side but terrible on the inside. buzzes the mirrors and gages. so it will be removed. the tank will be removed for a 70's kz1000.
rear sets clipon's among others to be added.
this is how my baby sits now after a long sleep. last time a tag was on was summer 2003....... a crying shame .
so a long over due build begins here and now.

this is my first step 2007 gsxr750 inverted forks


vxexec350 08-30-2014 06:51 PM

sounds cool mate. Any more Progress so far? I have started my 1984 GPZ1100 project "Gertrude", I wouldn't mind boucing some ideas around.

1983 gpz 1100 10-22-2014 10:26 PM

guys sorry for no posts this summer very hard summer for time.
just as well as i have decided to go another route.
see my #1 holy grail bike would be a 1000r that lawson rode himself. since i will never own this why not use what i have a build a clone?

so i have picked up a gsxr top triple clamp, honda atv bar clamps that bolt on and a nos k & n superbike bar.

also a pair of gsxr front calipers and a nos sticker that was on the 82 elr " 81-82 world champ "

i've sold the vfr swingarm and will get a kz1000 arm to get the rear dual shock look .
anyone have a kz1000 tank side panels and tail ?


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