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bahama636 10-27-2014 10:32 AM

2005 zx6r 636 oil cooler failure ?? please help
Hey guys . So I have a strange and puzzling problem and there are no decent bike shops in the bahamas to help. I have read just about every thred on this forum with regards to overheating and milky oil but im still stumped. I purchased a 2005 zx6r 636 with known overheating problems. As I started the tear down it was very apparent that this guy was using hard tap water (very hard here in the bahamas) in the radiator. The entire cooling loop was full of mineral deposits and look like the entire thermostat had basically dissolved leaving only the seating ring behind. Despite this I was optimistic that with a new radiator and a good cleaning and flush I could get things moving again. Changed the radiator did a decent cleaning inspected the water pump ( quite a bit of build up and discoloration) flushed the system. changed the oil started it up and took it for a ride. It over heated within 10 mins ( overflow bottle was bubbling) when the temp guage hit 240 and flashed I immediately turned it off and waited for it to cool and get back home. After I got the bike back home I let it cool and drained the radiator again to see if there was any residue, it was a bit slimy. When I refilled the radiator and began to burp it i noticed white oil bubbles coming out of the radiator as the excess water spilled out of the filler kneck. I then checked the oil sight glass.and noticed the glass was white with cream colored oil. Immediately I drained the milky oil out of the bike.
I know it sounds like a head gasket failure but I did not notice any lost of power. Curiosity led me to the oil cooler, I removed the oil cooler put my finger over one of the coolant nipples then blew in the other one and air could be heard and felt coming out of the two openings in the center of the cooler ( that I presume are for oil cooler ) should that happen ??? Wouldn't that mean that my oil cooler is faulty and oil could be mixing with coolant at this location.

Please help if u can. I will be posting much in the future this forums rocks!!

Cheers from the bahamas

locknload 10-27-2014 11:00 AM

Head gasket failure is not always accompanied by a power loss or a misfire. You need to pull the head, you have a bad head gasket.

bahama636 10-27-2014 11:34 AM

Thanks. I figurerd that. Guess the bike wasnt that good of a deal after all. I assume the head will have to be replaced aswell then. What type of socket is needed for the headbolts. The manual says m6 and m9 but Im still not able to successful find that tool. Are there any other special tools that will be required ?

bahama636 10-27-2014 11:35 AM

Any idea about the oil cooler ?

bahama636 10-29-2014 10:31 PM

Just an update...

Pulled the head, hasket appears to be finem look like the coolant in the oil was coming from the oil cooler after all .

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