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Conversation Between waynezx6r and Extr400
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  1. Extr400
    09-15-2014 11:41 AM - permalink
    Hi Wayne,
    You need the adapter (from me), which is 45 delivered.
    You need to source a 2007 to 2012 gauge from a ZX6R (usually via ebay).
    On the 03 bikes you need to file a small triangle out of the speedo brace - this is because the new gauge connector is offset and clashes with the mounting brace.
    You also need some washers and rubber spacers. I'll send a pdf of the instructions.
    I only have one adapter left for 03/04 bikes and only a couple of 05/06 versions as this year folk have been going nuts for them. Need to get more built!
    I'll copy this to your email account.
  2. waynezx6r
    09-14-2014 05:49 PM - permalink
    Hi good evening Extr400. I'm interested in changing the dials/clocks on my 2003 zx6r b1h to the later 07→ clocks. From reading posts on the forum you seem to be the man with the know how!? If so, what is involved for me to be able to do this from start to finish? I live in Sheffield so not a million miles away and would greatly appreciate your time and help to make this possible. My email is [email protected] or my contact number is - 07503998909 Thank you, Wayne
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