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Conversation Between WildCard and Ninjabadger4
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  1. Ninjabadger4
    11-29-2013 06:50 PM - permalink
    hey dude I finally got a 2stroke im planning on motarding eventually! Got a bored out cr125 (139cc). Rebuilding the engine completely this week!
  2. WildCard
    05-08-2012 10:44 PM - permalink
    All the MCRA events are too far for me with the exception of heartland park, but even that is like a four hour trip. I'm planning on hitting up Hallett in Jennings OK a couple of times this year though.
  3. Ninjabadger4
    04-22-2012 10:14 PM - permalink
    Bish are you goign to do MCRA trackdays this year?
  4. Ninjabadger4
    04-03-2011 01:26 PM - permalink
    Actually i think Mr PIHB going to go up to road america in wisconsin and ill hand him off to a member. Theres like 3 members up there off the top of my head
  5. WildCard
    03-31-2011 11:10 PM - permalink
    You could send Mr.PIHB this way if you want. I could take him through a tour of the Ozarks. PM me if so.
  6. Ninjabadger4
    03-29-2011 12:42 PM - permalink
    bish i need to give you Mr PIHB next, i cant find anyone closer!
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