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Conversation Between nevada and Ninja650r2009
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  1. nevada
    02-06-2013 01:39 PM - permalink
    oh, and they are TI, so they just fucking look cool.
  2. nevada
    02-06-2013 01:38 PM - permalink
    yes, thats what they say. too bad they went out of business.

    i havent had it on the dyno since adding the header. but it for sure feels like its got more power. sound is good. a bit deeper than before.
    i think the biggest advantage tho was the weight savings over the stock header. id bet between the header, and akra i dropped atleast 12lbs. maybe more.
  3. Ninja650r2009
    02-06-2013 01:28 PM - permalink
    i have done some research and the micron headers are supposed to be beastly, how does it sound/perform?
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