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New Member Introductions

Whether you need help with your bike or your riding, or you just want to say 'hello', this is where to go
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Site Rules

Please read before posting on forum.
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Two Wheeled Discussion

Discussion about moto related topics that doesn't fit in the model specific forums. If you have a question about a specific bike, please post in that bike's forum.
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Bike of the Month

Submit your Kawasaki bike pics for consideration and vote for the winners
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Women Riders

This is a forum for our female riders only, so please limit the posting to real women only.
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Off-Topic Discussion

Anything and everything not related to motorcycles
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Kawasaki News

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Super Sport

ZX-7R & ZX-9R

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General discussion about the ZX-10R
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Big Bore ZX-11 & 12

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General discussion about the ZX-14
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How-Tos and FAQs

Step-by-step how-tos and common questions about all Kawasaki models. This forum is for submissions only. Please ask questions in the model specific forums.
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Oil and Lubrication

For discussion of engine oil and lubrication
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Suspension and Tire Tech

For all discussions related to your Suspension and Tire set-ups.
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Ninja 250R

General discussion about the EX, ZZR, 250R or whatever they call them this year
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Ninja 300

This forum is closed for posting. Please click on the Ninja 300 shortcut link above.
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Ninja 500R

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Ninja 650R, ER6

General discussion about the Ninja 650R and ER6
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Z750, Z800, Z1000

General discussion about the Kawasaki Z750, Z800 & Z1000
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Classics and Standards

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Dual Sport


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Classifieds Section

For Sale - Motorcycles

List your complete / whole motorcycles for sale here. LISTINGS WITHOUT A SELLING PRICE WILL BE REMOVED.
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KawiForums Authorized Dealers

For our Kawi Dealers to list the bikes they have in their inventory.
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For Sale - Parts / Parts Motorcycles

List your motorcycle parts and parts bikes for sale here.
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For Sale - Aftermarket Parts / Accessories

List your aftermarket accessories for sale here.
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For Sale - Gear

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For Sale - General

If you have something else to sell or trade, post it here.
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Wanting To Buy

If you're looking for something, this is the place to post about it.
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If you have something to get rid of, post it here. Beats a garage sale.
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eBay Auction Links Section

Post up your eBay auction links in this section. This Forum is for all members.
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Vendor Member Section


Riding gear and parts - MOTORCYCLEiD.com
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Group Buys

Set up your group buys here. This is a forum for member initiated group buys and a forum for our vendors to place their group buys in.
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Vendor Deals

All vendor specials can be posted in this section. Check it out
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Vendor Experiences

If you've had problems with sellers on eBay, aftermarket dealers or sellers from our own or other forums, post up your story here to save other forum members from the same fate
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Community Help section

Community Help

If you have a question about how the forum works or are having a problem, this is the place.
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Off Topic Section

Pictures, Movies and Humor

Have something to share with the rest of the world? Put them here!
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Member pictures, videos, and ride reports

Here's a chance to show off YOUR bike
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Testing Forum

This forum gives you a chance to become more familiar with posting and keeps test posts in one place instead of all over. If you need some help, post up in the "Site Announcements & Help" and someone will help you.
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Regional information, Rides and Events


This is the place for posting and reading information about any of the 50 US states.
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Everyone Else

Not enough members for your own forum? Post here
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