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  • k00ci ·
    Hi! You have an 011 zx6r right? Is your akra slip-on with E mark?? Somewhere on the muffler there should be engraved: e1 0743 (9) .... M-HZ030....if it is, could you send me a pic where this is engraved....i have an 09 zx6r with full system akra, which has no e-mark, but i want to make it street legal or i will have problem with our police (500€ penalty)...I have all the documents from an e-mark slip-on, and access to laser engraver machine, and only thing I need is the position of those engraved marks...i would be very thankfull if you could help me

    Fiveoh ·
    Haha no broblem ! this week end i'm suppose to go there , i will took somes and video , i have older ones but i can't find them .
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