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  • ZZRrocket ·

    Wondering if you might be interested in attending the annual trip to Deals Gap in the great Smokey Mountains this year. Trip dates are May 13-20, 2013. We camp at the Kickstand Lodge which is located on US28 in Stecoah, NC. There is no trip thread this year due to the last 5 years people posting they would show up and then not show. If you think something like this may interest you please let me know. Thanks, Jay aka ZZRrocket on sportbikes.net
    Maness1220 ·
    I used my Dremel tool, very easy with it. Only took one disk to make the cut.
    Have you already cut your pipe down? If so then all you need to do now is cut the sleeve to fit.
    LarryJ ·
    I was gonna ask how easy it is to cut the CF can. What did you use to cut it? I may or may not be able to get the wife to let me buy the sleeve. I may play the "birthday card" and say it's what I want. Lol. I was hoping the sleeve wouldn't be that expensive. I've been wanting to change up my exhaust for a while now and this path would be the least expensive one.
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