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  • RedSands ·
    Your undersuit or anyone elses, it matters not. I do not like onsies. I don't think they're comfortable, I don't want one. I'm glad that you want to keep your customers happy and satisfied, but at this point I'll never be one just on principle. What do you not understand about that? And no thank you on the warmers, I'll stick to my Woodcrafts. Best in the business as far as I'm concerned and I have no reason to change. Worth every penny I barely paid for them.
    MOTO-D ·
    Hi Red,

    You've never tried our undersuit and if you did I'd feel confident you would think otherwise. BTW, if you tried it and didn't like it I'd take it back for a full refund so it's a risk free offer to you - that's how we roll at MOTO-D, I want all customers to be happy and satisfied becuase I'm a rider too! Anyway, have a good week and check out our new handcrafted tire warmers, they are HOT and feature our no hassle 2-Year "Burnout Proof" Warranty!

    Scott from www.MOTODRACING.com
    RedSands ·
    Discount? I don't dig onesies, no matter what Larry Pegram says. I've tried them, and I don't like them. Why would I pay a penny for something I don't want?
    RedSands ·
    I know you're a nice guy, we've met. A few times actually. But there's a vendor section on this board for a reason. We get it. You're selling a product. You don't have to post on the kid's thread over and over again. He asked a question hoping for a variety of answers, not for you to tell him over and over again about how awesome you think your product is and who wears it. Get your riders/customers to post up about your product, you'll get more business from people who hear from actual users. As far as me deleting my comment, I'll modify it when you clean it up a bit.
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