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  • VeX ·
    Ahoy Russian. Sometimes spammers create accounts and spam visitor walls. Tracking visitor messages is a real PITA though so I banned both of those spammers months ago, the spam still remains! Thanks for the heads up though.
    Gantt ·
    I always use the app, so i just noticed this. I don't know if that hot redhead was a joke or not. the picture was fuzzy and it would get better resolution from the top down. right as we get the the nip the picture goes blank. that's for catching my attention for nothing !!! (
    SuperCheese88 ·
    Damn Brits! Don't they know no one watches TV on Christmas? They're all too busy fighting with the family. The cute girl is in it right?
    SuperCheese88 ·
    My father called me today to wish me a happy birthday and asked if I felt any different. I never understand why people ask that but I replied with "I'm 24 with the mind of a 10 year old, what's going to feel different?"
    av8r-92 ·
    This is an airport right by me. Look under the classes tab--they have a pretty good breakdown of the costs (if I win the lottery today, getting my helicopter add-on is high up on my list):
    Medford, New Jersey Helicopter Flight Services - Helicopter Flight Training, Helicopter Sight Seeing Tours, Aerial Photography

    "They're" saying that hiring, at least for the airlines, is going to surge in the next few years. There's "supposed" to be a huge shortage of pilots coming up--military pilots are staying in the military (they're making more) and less people are going for the licenses because of the costs. I could see it being somewhat similar for helicopters, but the competition for jobs tends to be higher since there are less helicopter jobs.

    If demand for pilots goes up, the pay's going to have to go up. If that happens, it'll make the training more worth it; the first few years in both helicopter and plane jobs are rough.
    av8r-92 ·
    It's a pretty big chunk of change to get the training and experience to get hired, but once you have a few years in the pay gets good.

    I know a guy who flies helicopters for PSE&G and he has it made--they gave him a company car for personal use and everything.

    Private pilot certificate, instrument rating, commercial rating, turbine rating, and instructor's certificate. Teach for a few years and you'll get the experience to get hired.

    There's always the Army/National Guard--you'll get all the training for free and get more than enough experience to be hired as soon as you get out.
    paul-zx6r ·
    thanks for the rep, i know not all americans are rude, i simply got annoyed with some certain ones, thanks again
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