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  • knipp1sm ·
    I was installing new shorty clutch and brake levers on my 2015 636. I did the installation and it was working perfectly until I noticed the brake (and clutch) lever was a bit loose and wobbly. So I took the lever off in order to tighten it up a bit, and when I re-installed the lever, it somehow locked my front brakes up. Ive reinstalled the part 5x and it is still locking up the brake as soon as I install it again. Im wondering if tightening the screws on the actual lever locks up the brake?? I don't want to loosen it back up because I don't want the lever to be all loosey goosey on me.. Any help is appreciated!!

    - Sean
    Ninjabadger4 ·
    hey dude I finally got a 2stroke im planning on motarding eventually! Got a bored out cr125 (139cc). Rebuilding the engine completely this week!
    Ninjabadger4 ·
    Actually i think Mr PIHB going to go up to road america in wisconsin and ill hand him off to a member. Theres like 3 members up there off the top of my head
    Maness1220 ·
    Merry Christmas. I hope your doing well, I see you've not been around in a while.
    I'm sure I speak for all of us here at the forums when I say we hope nothing bad has
    befallen you.
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