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  • sammdohc ·
    Hey buddy. I was looking into doing a TB sync and was wondering if you have any info on that. Bike bogs at the low RPM rang, and I checked everything....plugs, hoses, ect. Bogs especially when bike is hot.
    caseyr ·
    Hey im sorry to bother you, but i saw your comment on having the 06 zx6 race manual. Anyone you could send me it please. Ive been all over google for about 2 hours now and still cant find a copy.
    stpleb ·
    do you still have the custom maps for 06 zx6r with a Yoshimura RS-5 SLIP ON (carbon fiber) and a K&N filter? Could you email it to me stpleb gmail com
    muskin ·
    Hi was wondering if i could get those maps too. 06 ZX6R with a Yoshimura RS-5 SLIP ON (carbon fiber) and a K&N filter. Thanks Barry
    ZX6RRNewbie ·
    Merry Christmas Maness1220!! I couldn't agree more! Hopefully we already hit rock bottom in DC and now it's all uphill from here. I just hope the incumbents are true conservatives and they cut the size and spending of this outrageous government, oh and repeal Obamacare too! Then we should be in good shape!! :)
    Maness1220 ·
    Merry Christmas. Maybe next year will be better, (What with so Manny seats changing hands in DC) We can hope for real change.
    ZX6RRNewbie ·
    LOLGood one!

    Merry Christmas to you too!


    BTW highs today were in the 40's so don't feel too bad about our "great" weather.

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