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  1. Never Ridden Before

    New Member Introductions
    Keep in mind that a "starter bike" will vary somewhat. But, in general, you're looking at an inexpensive bike, one where it requires a decent amount of twisting to get much acceleration and is light enough that you're not going to have much trouble maneuvering it at slow speeds or picking it up...
  2. Ninja 250 hose clamp sizes?

    Two Wheeled Discussion
    Hi, having been much delayed business and weather, I'm almost done with my work. Where can I find the appropriate measurements for the various hose clamps on the bike? All I can find are part numbers for the spring clamps. And I f-ing hate spring clamps, the last time I bought one, it...
  3. 2008 Kawasaki 250R When gears engaged it shuts off

    Gear Section
    I assume that you're starting the bike the same way that you normally do. It sounds like there's something funky going on with the kickstand switch and/or clutch safety switch. I don't believe the neutral switch does anything other than light the neutral indicator light. Hopefully...
  4. 1995 Kawasaki ninja 250r seat removal. HELP!

    Ninja 250R
    Mine is a newer design, but from what I see, it's supposed to be a matter of turning the key and removing the seat. https://faq.ninja250.org/wiki/Removing_%26_installing_a_battery If you check the picture with the seat off, I don't see anything in there to keep the seat attached other than the...
  5. 2018 Kawasaki 650 Ninja Rear Seat Stuck

    Ninja 650R, ER6
    First off, you shouldn't be using WD-40 in locks, you're more likely to cause dirt and gunk to jam the lock than you are to lubricate it. If you need to lube it, that's what graphite is for. Same goes for the throttle. Thanks to Google's inherent suck, I can't find appropriate pictures. But...
  6. Key sticking in the ignition barrel !

    Ninja 650R, ER6
    Never use WD-40 in a lock, all you're going to do is wash gunk into it. Same goes for other liquid lubes. If the lock is sticking, you want to use graphite lubricant. It should get things moving, but without the risk of gunking up the mechanism. At this point, I'm not sure what to do, you can...

    2003-2004 ZX-6R
    EDIT: It's worth noting that by law the manufacturers are only required to produce parts for 10 years, after which they may or may not keep building them depending upon how many model years they used the part for and whether there's enough demand to keep it profitable. Hence, why I'm...
  8. Zx6r f1 front brake issues

    Two Wheeled Discussion
    Check the springs. If the tape is doing the job, the next thing is to look at the springs on the other side of the pads. The pads should be largely pushed up against the pins by the spring. If you're feeling lateral sloppiness, that's probably what's causing it. If it's to and from the brake...
  9. ultrasonic cleaning of brakes?

    Two Wheeled Discussion
    I just completed the install. The new lines look awesome. The routing on the rear is a bit weird, but should provide more than enough travel for riding. Bonus is that having to route it up above the passenger peg and then back to the brake ensures that people will see my brake lines. :p...
  10. ultrasonic cleaning of brakes?

    Two Wheeled Discussion
    Life, waiting for parts and motivation got in the way here. I did learn a few things, first off, the ultrasonic cleaner does a pretty good job of cleaning things, but you really need to completely disassemble them as the fixed shaft can become incredibly hard to remove if any water gets in...
  11. Removing stuck caliper pins

    Ninja 250R
    It appears, that I was just being overly cautious. I don't remember them being this hard in the past, but I was able to get the necessary leverage to get them out without damaging them. But, I did have to disconnect the brake line and get them on the bench to get them clear. That being said, had...
  12. Removing stuck caliper pins

    Ninja 250R
    Hi, I'm feeling kind of newbish here, but I've got a couple caliper pins on my rear brake caliper that just don't want to come out. I'm somewhat hesitant to just force it as I've stripped these pin heads in the past and would rather not do so this time. The heads appear to be in good shape that...
  13. Shades of blue?

    Ninja 250R
    Depending on the cost and how bad the damage is, you could probably use some plastifix and the appropriate color touch up pen to repair things. The process isn't particularly hard, but if you don't already have the gear, you might not save that much this time.
  14. Coolant Leak

    Firstly, I'd do like the previous poster suggested and make sure that you're checking both under the radiator cap and in the coolant reservoir and not just the coolant reservoir as that can and does raise and lower depending upon the temperature of the coolant. But, if you're continually...
  15. Seat upgrade for '07 KLX250S

    Wanting To Buy
    I personally, had my stock seat redone, it looks stock, but I have to ride for a very, very long time before I have any sort of pain in the back. I went with greatdaytoride.com and had him redo my seat with supracore. It looks stock, but it doesn't get hard in the winter and it doesn't retain...
  16. Z1000 2013 won't start

    New Member Introductions
    After checking the fuses, the next thing I'd check is to make sure that all the relevant electrical connections are properly connected and free of corrosion. Before you're completely done and repaired, it's a good idea to apply some dielectric grease to the connections to prevent corrosion...
  17. We are Moving!

    Community Help
    That was my main thought. Also, I presume that this upgrade will be checked to make sure that images and internal links don't break. It's very frustrating to find a topic where they're talking about something that I need to know about and none of the links work and the images aren't there.
  18. Still learning

    New Member Introductions
    Considering the scope of the project, it's probably worth picking up an ultrasonic cleaner. It's hard to tell from the picture, but if the petcock is screwed together, you can probably get a rebuild kit for it. If it's bolted, you're unlikely to be able to get it back together. I'd recommend...
  19. ultrasonic cleaning of brakes?

    Two Wheeled Discussion
    If I rush it, I might not be able to stop. :surprise:
  20. 1986 Ninja Paint

    Two Wheeled Discussion
    Try this: https://www.kawasaki.com/Contact/Online/ . I'm seriously considering doing a restore job on an early '80s Kawi 440, and I'm likely to run into the same problem. At least if I decide to go with the stock color. There's equipment out there than can be used to match not just the color...
1-20 of 188 Results