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green / red
My ER6n,

I bought it in december 2015 as the 3rd owner.
It had 21000 km on the meter, hasnt seen fresh oil in a long time, but looked good to be my 1st sports bike ( i have a chopper also)
It came at a cheap price, if it hadnt needed all the repairs it did right after i bought it.... new chain and sprockets to start with, together with oil filter, air filter, and offc fresh oil, new brakes front and back, brake fluid, coolant, and a descent wash.

It drove great for the next 10000km spread over 6 months, and then my fuel pump died on me (almost killed myself in the process) and amazingly, the right ignition coil that inside the block was rusted from the inside out and cracked, so both got replaced.

Now, another 6 months later and 45000 km on the meter, I had to do another routine maintenence, like filters and oil, fixing a rotten seal between the airbox and the gearbox's tube.
And did some more cosmetic changes i wanted to do for a long time.
I started with changing the headlight, then the meter, and then the mirrors and some paint.
Spray paint to be exact, done in my garage... tank still a working progress tho.
Still need to adress some issues i hope that are small, and hopefully will be solved with this community's help :)

To conclude my bike's "history":
I love her and I hope we can cruise around for... like, forever...
2006 kawasaki er6n (green / red)


I had this issue regarding leaking oil in this location, its between my air box and gear box, I took the airbox apart and noticed the seal between the box and the tube was worn out and rotten, so I replaced it with a rubber band wrapped around it so its a tight fit, didnt leak a drop since then :)
mirrors, speedo and headlight
Paint (ddr green Ral 6003), still working on the tank...



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