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Ninja 650r
Bought this as my first bike. I never rode until I got this bike and after I bought it I asked which side is the clutch and I took off. I put 400 miles on it the first 2 weeks I had it. This bike like most things I picked up on very quickly, so quickly that I got too comfortable and lost the respect for my machine which inevitably led to my accident on 9/26/2019. I broke 7 bones, was air lifted to a hospital where I called home for months until I was released and spent a few more months in a wheelchair. I'm just starting to walk again and my crave for the ride is still with me. So I'm rebuilding my bike to once again ride, this time with a lot less carelessness.


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Damn brother. I'm glad to hear your above the dirt and able to walk again. I as well just pick up my very own ninja 650, except a 2015. No riding experience at all. Just hopped on and was stiff as fuck, killing it from a dead stop the first 2 days lol. Im Worried about getting careless as well and keep telling myself its not worth it to get crazy and to have respect for it and always be cautious. If you dont mind me asking, how did the accident happen?

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Jesus... Looking at the forks being literally torn into 2 pieces i can only imagine the damage caused to you. But all too often this happens in the US with people getting frankly inadequate training. For your own safety take an MSF course and maybe an advanced rider course. Being able to move the bike from A to B doesn't mean you can ride. No disrespect but as you yourself said, it's reckless to not respect these bikes especially with no prior knowledge or comprehensive training.
Hope you get better soon!