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  1. Versys
    Hey everyone i recently got an 07 versys 650 im very new with on-road bikes as this is my first it idles fine but when in gear i can only use about 10% throttle or it will bog down then surge hard i havent tried anything yet because i got the bike last night and rode it to work and found out ive...
  2. ZX-10R
    I just picked up a high mileage gen 2 bike is pretty solid but has been neglected for a while. The bike is throwing code 39 which is ecu/can communication fault. Not communicating with the meter. Is this just a good bet that the ecu is fried? Bike runs fine but seems like the power is choked...
  3. 2007-2008 ZX-6R
    I know, it's an incredibly stupid question but I just purchased fairings for the 636 model and i have the 600. Does anyone know if they will fit?
1-3 of 3 Results