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  1. ZX-6R All Model Years
    Last night my bike was stolen of 15th and Platte street. It’s a 2008 zx6r with 2 brothers exhaust and blue chrome wrap. The original color is kawi yellow. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU SEE THIS BIKE ANYWHERE.
  2. Comparing two sprockets

    Another shot of the two sprockets. It's blurry, but the aluminum sprocket was getting pretty sharp!
  3. Comparing two sprockets

    I'm comparing my old 41T aluminum sprocket to a new 41T aluminum hub/steel ring sprocket. Damn aluminum one wore out in less than 6k miles.
  4. Puig wind screen for an '08 250r

    *Title explains it*
  5. Cheapy tank vent for a 2008 250r

    From the blue dot port on a California gas tank I plumbed about 6" of fuel line, threw a cheapy inline fuel filter and a PCV valve (to make sure air will only flow INTO the tank through that line). It's cheap, but works.
  6. Air Filter Install on a 2008 250r

    I didn't notice this until now, but while showing how wide open the area is which used to be occupied with the air filter box... My damned Firebird's wheel obscures this. Oh well. Where you see wheel is in actuality 'wide open space' yeah!
  7. Air Filter Install on a 2008 250r

    I always over look some mundane details. Here I forgot to pick up a breather (and at 1am no one is open to sell one) for the gear case. RATHER than leave this open (yikes) I threw a cheapy inline fuel filter I had lying around. I'll pick up a quality filter tomorrow and pretend like this picture nev
  8. Air Filter Install on a 2008 250r

    From the top you can see how well this little air filter fits!
  9. Air Filter Install on a 2008 250r

    Same picture now, but with the filter installed.
  10. Air Filter Install on a 2008 250r

    So yank the two intake hoses from the carburetors and admire them... Neat.
  11. Air Filter Box Removal on a 2008 250r

    Step 8: I circled in red where the two hoses lead from the air box to the carburetors. I jabbed all around both hoses to break them free from their glue captors. With any luck you should be able to pull back slightly on the air box and separate the hose from the air box.
  12. Air Filter Box Removal on a 2008 250r

    Step 9: Here's where it starts getting hard to explain. The air box is comprised of two compartments. The side which lends access to the air filter element is removable from the main compartment. I shit you not there's 8 or so screws all around the air box attaching this guy in. Remove all of the sc
  13. Air Filter Box Removal on a 2008 250r

    Step 7: Sigh... After you've removed the rear fairings and tail light assembly you're ready to drop the mud guard. The mud guard is only really held in by 4 screws. the two screws in the side that also hold the fairings on (which have already been removed to remove those fairings, and there's a scr
  14. Air Filter Box Removal on a 2008 250r

    Step 6: To get the battery box out after you remove the top panel and leave it dangle, remove the battery AND remove the three screws holding the battery box to the frame... There are two more screws underneath the battery pad which have to come out. I like to keep things together so I also circled
  15. Air Filter Box Removal on a 2008 250r

    Step 5: I'm not kidding when I say everything imaginable has to go. Here I'm yanking the battery and battery box. .. Make sure to disconnect the NEGATIVE battery lead followed by the positive battery lead. It's a good habit to get into. Also as you might have guessed those rear fairings? They've go
  16. Air Filter Box Removal on a 2008 250r

    Step 4: On the opposite side of the bike the air filter box is mounted to the transmission via the screw circled in red. Remove this and let it hang there. It also has a clip to hold 2 wiring harnesses. Also circled in red is the breather which mounts to the bottom of the air filter box. Disconnect
  17. Air Filter Box Removal on a 2008 250r

    Step 3: Everything here has to be moved (The air filter box components come out HERE). Remove the tank 'cross member' and set it aside.
1-20 of 43 Results