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  1. First day home

    2009 Ninja 250R with Icon pursuit coat, accelerant gloves, tank bag and Shoei RF1000 and HJC helmet.
  2. an '08 250r with a CF Area P + painted heat shield (alternate view)

    Again here's an CF Area P with the stock heat shield (painted flat black) installed on an '08 250r.
  3. an '08 250r with a CF Area P + painted heat shield.

    I re-used the stock heat shield (painted it flat black) and put it leading up to the Area P muffler.
  4. Fender Eliminator (2008 250r)

    Self Explanatory :P
  5. Gas tank bypassing for removal of evap canister from an '08 250r

    To remove the evap system from the '08 250r (California models) you need to pipe off the gas tank. Simply re-use the hoses that led from the gas tank to the evap canister and simply add a cheapy fuel filter to the end . This hose will act as the tank's vent and the blue dot port is capped off.
  6. Evap canister bracketry is removed here:

    There's only two places to remove the bracketry for the evap equipment and the canister bracketry is removed here. Simply take these two screw out and pull the bracket out (it's sandwiched).
  7. Evap system removed

    Here's the evap system from a 2008 Ninja 250r (California model) removed. Circled in red are the two points that tie into the vacuum tee going to the gas valve, and the other is where it ties into the clean air system. The other two connection points are at the gas tank and are not circled as they'v
  8. Twisties

    Me and my buddy went out shooting. Here's one of the shots he got of me. All rights reserved. Onigun Studio. onigun.com
1-17 of 17 Results