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  1. Lost my only key, Need Help. ZX-6R same part #

    Ninja 650R, ER6
    So I just bought a 2015 ninja 650 last week. It only came with 1 key and I was meaning to get a copy made, but... Anyways I lost the only key I had. Theres a small chance i could find it because I'm in the middle of moving. But here's my dilemma so far, I've looked at the part numbers and from I...
  2. Ninja 650 stunt bike

    Two Wheeled Discussion
    Anybody turned their 2012-2016 ninja 650 into a stunt machine? Mine is coming along. Got a crazy iron cage on the way but I need something for a subcage. The grom one looks like itll mostly fit if I drill new mounting points but nobody makes them because our rearsets are stupid. Anybody custom...
  3. It's been a long winter

    New Member Introductions
    I've been riding my whole life. Started in the dirt, and graduated to supersport shortly after. I was a bit of a track junkie for a little bit, and there's no feeling quite like a exiting a corner on an inline 4. 3 years ago I was riding my 636 to work, when I was broadside by a texting driver...