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  1. KLR & KLX
    Eyyy, My name is Jeffrey and I'm new to the forum and motorcycles in general. I have been going at it alone, trying to upgrade my 2021 KLX300SM. I bought i because I thought it was the cheaper way to get to work but instantly became hooked. Riding a motorcycle is amazing. I know "it's stupid to...
  2. Ninja 250R
    long story short almost got hit crossing 4 way stop and I panic break using front brakes and ended dropping my ninja 250 after 2nd week of purchasing it after getting the bike up I noticed the gear shifter pushed all the way back up and stuck, so I pushed it back down now it only finds 1st >...
  3. Stunter's Corner
    So I have $6000 in hand I have experience riding and hill cimbing dirt bikes in the coal reigons of pa I will be a new on road motorcyclist but I want to stunt in parking lots and what not to get the hang of stunting What bike would you recommend for a beginner : Here's what my plan is so...
1-3 of 3 Results