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  1. New Member Introductions
    I’m Corban, I bought a 2010 Ninja 250 a few days ago not running. The previous owner said that it needed a carb clean/rebuild and it would run like a dream. It does need new fairings due too being laid over, new blinkers all around, new front tire, new battery the one in it currently isn’t the...
  2. Cruiser
    hello all, my girlfriend got her first bike titled above, and we're having issues with the revs. It goes up randomly and the engine starts screaming and sometimes it cant stay on because the revs die down and kill the engine, especially when coming to a stop. carbs are cleaned, fuel flow is...
  3. Ninja 250R
    So I've been trying to get this bike to run right. Running off a small auxiliary fuel tank for testing. I've cleaned the carbs twice now, had them off about 4 times messing with the floats. I set them at 17mm (spec) the first time I cleaned the carbs. Put new needles and idle screws in. Jets...
1-3 of 3 Results