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  1. 05 ZX6R Clutch Dragging

    Two Wheeled Discussion
    I just bought this bike from somebody who obviously abused it, i had to replace a broken pull rod and after putting it back together and pulling the clutch in you can just barely spin the tire by hand (the rear end of the bike is lifted off the ground) If i take the oil cap off i can clearly see...
  2. Should I buy this z1000?

    Kawasaki News
    Hey guys, I recently came across this 2006 z1000 for 1800. It's got 28 000 miles on it. Problem is, it need a clutch cover and stator covers replaced. Do you think it's a good deal? I have an off-road background so I don't know much about street prices. Will I be able to resell it after fixing...
  3. 1985 Zn700 Clutch Push rod not moving enough

    Classics and Standards
    I had my engine apart recently to replace some parts inside, did not have to split the case so I'm led to believe nothing deep inside the engine got messed up. The issue is when I went to put the whole thing back together, I tested out my clutch as I assembled everything and noticed that the...
  4. Open Clutch Setup

    Open Clutch Setup

    Ducati Performance pressure plate, gold Speedy Moto clutch springs and black retainers NCR Poggipolini titanium vented clutch cover