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  1. Er6-n 2016 Leaking coolant check pics

    Ninja 650R, ER6
    Hello I'm a new rider and Kawasaki er6-n is my first bike ever. I had my bike for about 4 months and now it's leaking coolant it seems or oil from the spots I have marked in the pictures. I'm reaching out on this forum for anyone more experienced that might recognise the problem. I have a...
  2. 2005 vn800b, coolant overfilled

    Bike: 2005 Vulcan 800 Classic I was trying to refill my coolant because I suck and let it get to the point where I heard it boil. It was throwing off white smoke, and I'm trying to at least get it to where I can trouble shoot without the thing exploding. I refilled the coolant (first through...
  3. New FL rider

    New Member Introductions
    Hello to All! New rider to the central Florida area. Just picked up a 2007 ZZR600 with 21k miles. Just completed my first oil change and now getting ready to do a coolant flush and fill. A couple things have me a little worried. I know Florida is a HOT state, but I've already seen my bike reach...
  4. Coolant level dropping cant determine the leak.

    2005-2006 ZX-6R
    Recently finished up my build and got to riding the bike this week, after 100 miles or so i noticed the coolant overflow level was lower then i had set it to but temps have been averaging 140-160 most of the time then 180 when i catch all the red lights, have been searching for leaks by letting...