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  1. Ninja 650R, ER6
    Hello everyone, Since 2 weeks ago I'm the proud owner of a Kawasaki ER6N. My first bike and I'm loving every bit of it even though it's winter. I bought it second hand, it was built in 2015 and has ABS. It has zero mods and looks pretty much brand new. I have no intention of adding mods...
  2. All Other Models
    Hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask. Anyway, is there any major mechanical difference between my 22' FAL and the european Z650? I'm asking as I'm intrested in getting a Leo Vince underbody exhaust for my bike. They only seem to make one for european models apparently, 2017-2021. I...
  3. ZZR600 & ZX-6R Old School
    Hey guys and girls. Apologies if this is in the wrong section or has been discussed previously. I'm new to motorcycling and have just bought my first big bike, zzr600 2003. Every time I go out on it, when I get back there is some weird substance on the right hand exhaust pipe, only ever the...
  4. All Other Models
    Hi all, recently did a track day which had noise limits so to be on the safe side I put my original exhaust pipes and silencer/ can back on, and all went well. I usually have a full Akrapovic exhaust system on which works well, but since putting the stock exhaust back on I've got the error codes...
  5. ZZR600 & ZX-6R Old School
    Hi. New to the forum due to needing some exhaust help. I'm almost finished getting a old (1994) zzr600e back up and on the road. Only problem I have is that it's the exhaust needs replacing and it's hard to find the 4 to 2 manifolds. What others fit. As I see allot of 4 to 1's from other...
  6. Classics and Standards
    Hey all, new member here. Sorry if this has been discussed or if this is the wrong section. I searched extensively before posting without finding a relevant thread, and this section seemed the best fit for the W800. I'm going to be picking up a '21 tomorrow, and I don't like how nearly silent...
  7. Ninja 650R, ER6
    Hello :) Im new to this forum and also quite new to the motorcycle world. I have a an er6n 2013 on which I want to buy and install a full exhaust (since slip on isn't an option on 2012-2016 models). In my search I often find full exhaust that is specified to fit Z650 model and my question is...
  8. For Sale - Parts / Parts Motorcycles
    Hey all, selling my 2006 EX250 engine with just about everything you need to get it into a new frame or project. Comes with complete harness, jetted carbs, pod filters, aftermarket exhaust (ninja 300 but fits) plus just about everything else. Aftermarket aluminum radiator powder coated black...
  9. ZX-10R
    what's up guys new to this forum. I own a 2006 Kawasaki zx10r. I bought my bike off a buddy who had a boz bro Moira exhaust on it before he sold It to me. but before I bought it he took it off. so for almost a year now I've been trying to find that specific exhaust. any ideas were I can find...
  10. Ninja 250R
    I Cant seem to find any aftermarket exhausts for my bike, I was hoping for a muzzy with the full headers back but just slip ons would be good as well. if anyone knew where do get some I would be really greatful.
  11. 2003-2004 ZX-6R
    I ride an 04 zx6r. Looking for anyone who has the custom setup to install the competition werkes slip on for the 03-04. I've seen videos of 03-04 with comp werkes exhaust. Earliest setup they make them for from comp werkes is 2005. Different body than an 04. Which part number from comp werks...
  12. Ninja 250R
    I recently purchased a 2007 ninja 250. I rode it for about two weeks before I had to put it away for the winter. I changed the oil, and oil filter and started the bike up and it ran just fine until I started to drive it to the gas station to fill it up. I stopped at a stop light right down the...
  13. Ninja 650R, ER6
    First of all, I'm sorry about my English, because it's not my first language. I have an er6n from 2012 (latest version), I am thinking of changing the exhaust system and I have several questions I would like to resolve: 1- to change the exhaust in my version, do I have to change the whole...
  14. All Other Models
    2016 ex650 one cylinder exahust temp 600s and other only like 300s? no codes. idle a tad rough but other wise runs great toook to shop where i bought it and both times found no problems but im sure there not suppose to be that drasticly difff?????????
  15. the ninjette

    right after she got a new growler
  16. Side Shot Leo Vince SBK Carbon Fiber Exhaust

    I really love the sound and performance. Awesome stuff.
  17. an '08 250r with a CF Area P + painted heat shield (alternate view)

    Again here's an CF Area P with the stock heat shield (painted flat black) installed on an '08 250r.
  18. an '08 250r with a CF Area P + painted heat shield.

    I re-used the stock heat shield (painted it flat black) and put it leading up to the Area P muffler.
1-19 of 19 Results