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  1. ZZR600 & ZX-6R Old School
    Hi all, I am trying to re-install my mirrors but cannot get them to tighten to the bracket and am wondering why (tightening the bolt does nothing). I have a washer on either end of the mirror fixing where the are divots for them to sit in so pretty sure that's all okay. I put the bolt through...
  2. Ninja 650R, ER6
    Hi everyone, I would like to share the paint job I did on my ER-6N. Another day I was riding on a forest road (don't ask) and when passing over a muddy stretch I dropped the bike on the left side. I was slow, 5km/h, and the only thing that happened was I scratched the stator cover. See the...
  3. Two Wheeled Discussion
    I have have been struggling to find new fairings for my 2011 ninja 650r. Does anyone know someone who sells fairings for this bike or if a set from a different bike will fit on mine.
  4. ZX-10R
    A lot of lights are missing on the revcounter, the mechanics are saying it's due to water getting into the dash and damaging it. They say the only solution is to replace the entire dash, which is £800 with labour. Does anybody know another way to fix this? A couple of guys said the LED...
1-4 of 4 Results