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  1. Ninja 250R
    Hi all, I have a 2008 Ninja 250R with a weird problem. To describe the situation: I turn on the bike with no issues but it slowly starts dying after a couple of seconds. I try to rev it and sure enough it powers off instantly. After this the motorcycle refuses to turn on. After a couple of...
  2. KLR & KLX
    So here's the dilemma. I've had this KLX140R L for let's say a year (ish). Never had a problem, runs great, idles great, does everything great. Until recently when I start her it SOMETIMES makes a knock sound. It does this every now and then. It doesn't quite do it cold for some reason or maybe...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, I just picked up my new Z650 a couple days ago and the dealership told me to bring it back after 500 mile for my first service. That did seem off till they said it would cost 450 bucks!!? I looked at the manual and correct me if im wrong, but an oil change and an inspection hardly cost...
  4. Ninja 650R, ER6
    Hi, So while driving my 2017 Ninja 650 in a bit of wet weather my check engine light came on and the gear indicator is now just a flashing a line. I can still go through all gears and get it in neutral when stationary or coasting and the bike rides absolutely fine. When in neutral the gear...
  5. ZX-6R All Model Years
    I have a 1995 ninja zx600c/600r and I'm having a hard time finding a gas tank for it. I was wondering if any other tanks could fit.
  6. Z750, Z800, Z1000
    I picked up the bike back in December. Didn’t get to ride it much up until now. I get on it and when I hit 8k rpm the bike goes into a limp mode and the check engine light comes on. Not sure what would cause this. Thanks for any suggestions!
  7. Ninja 250R
    Went to go ride by 2009 ninja 250R, and going low speeds it quickly got hot and the overheat light on the dash came on. The fan didn’t see to come on at all. What are ways to fix the problem, without having huge expenses. Please and thank you to all that help. Love the Kawasaki Community!
  8. 2007-2008 ZX-6R
    I notice my bike is producing a lot of vibration.. more than usual. When the clutch is engaged, the vibrations of the bike seem normal. When the clutch is released and in gear I can feel a tapping/vibrating. When I pull the clutch in slightly, but not to the point of engagement, it lessens the...
  9. New Member Introductions
    How do I make my 05 zx 750 ignition work on my 07 zx 600 ?
  10. Ninja 250R
    Hi everyone. First post so hoping this is in the right spot. I have a 2004 Kawasaki ZZR250 that I ran into an odd problem with. When the bike tilts to the right at a certain angle, it shuts the bike off or if the bike is not running I lose the cluster lights except for the oil light (so the...
  11. Classics and Standards
    Hope someone can help. So, I have this '78 KZ750B3, owned it for almost 10 years. Found it as a pile of junk, stripped it down to the frame, rebuilt it, including a top end rebuild, aftermarket electronic ignition, VM34 carbs, stock pipes. Valve clearances in spec. By all accounts been a great...
  12. Ninja 650R, ER6
    Hi, I have a Ninja 650 2018 and when I turn the key I get no change (no lights, no dashboard nothing) Obviously it doesn't start. Its not the battery (that has volts) The Main Fuse is fine (intact and passing volts) I have Volts going into the fuse box on the fuses that are permanently live...
  13. Two Wheeled Discussion
    Ok so, I am in 100% agreement on extended warranties money you throw down for nothing, makes companies rich usually nothing happens, you get screwed with no financial return whatsoever. but... I'm purchasing a 2008 VN2000 Classic LT (I've owned one before I LOVE the bike) I'm getting it used...
  14. Ninja 650R, ER6
    My chain snapped today while I was riding and when I took the front guard off a couple of aluminum chunks fell out and I was wondering what the aluminum part is right behind (toward the engine not toward the back of the bike) is and will I need to tear it apart and replace it or is it just a...
  15. Classics and Standards
    Hi everyone, I am trying to replace the spark plugs on my w800 (2013?). I'm following the user manual as I have done for other periodic maintenance jobs but the issue is this: you need a 16mm spark plug wrench. But one that is less than 20mm in diameter to get it into the hole in the head. I...
  16. Ninja 250R
    When I removed my tires and took them to a shop someone use the back breaks (not on tire) and now I cannot loosen the caliper to get it back in the tire? Is there anyway to loosen it?
  17. How-Tos and FAQs
    When I change my tires the back breaks got pushed and now the back caliper is closed and I cannot put it back on the tire? Is there anyway to loosen it so I can put it back on?
  18. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, Looking forward to some in put. Long time rider and tinkerer and I'm not new to working on bikes all though most of my experience is with hondas so I need some help. I just bought a 07 zx6r and was told by the owner who doesn't claim to know much about bikes that the engine was...
  19. New Member Introductions
    Howdy Y’all, I’m brand new to the motorcycle community and the forum and I need some help diagnosing (what I think is) a fuel delivery issue. I bought this 2007 Kawasaki zzr600 in pieces about a month ago with the hopes of rebuilding it like I had with my first few cars. So far I’ve put...
  20. 2009-2012 ZX-6R
    New rider 12zx6r and was confused about what this cord is and what it does. Bike did not come with owners manual
1-20 of 30 Results