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  1. ZZR600 & ZX-6R Old School
    Hi all, I am trying to re-install my mirrors but cannot get them to tighten to the bracket and am wondering why (tightening the bolt does nothing). I have a washer on either end of the mirror fixing where the are divots for them to sit in so pretty sure that's all okay. I put the bolt through...
  2. Air Filter Install on a 2008 250r

    I didn't notice this until now, but while showing how wide open the area is which used to be occupied with the air filter box... My damned Firebird's wheel obscures this. Oh well. Where you see wheel is in actuality 'wide open space' yeah!
  3. Air Filter Install on a 2008 250r

    I always over look some mundane details. Here I forgot to pick up a breather (and at 1am no one is open to sell one) for the gear case. RATHER than leave this open (yikes) I threw a cheapy inline fuel filter I had lying around. I'll pick up a quality filter tomorrow and pretend like this picture nev
  4. Air Filter Install on a 2008 250r

    From the top you can see how well this little air filter fits!
  5. Air Filter Install on a 2008 250r

    Same picture now, but with the filter installed.
  6. Air Filter Install on a 2008 250r

    So yank the two intake hoses from the carburetors and admire them... Neat.
1-6 of 6 Results