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  1. Moto
    Is it normal for launch control to turn on by its self? My kx450f has been having issues starting when if it has sat for a few hour or more, Iv noticed the launch control will activate on its own, I then shift to 3rd then back to neutral to turn it off and occasionally it will come on again...
  2. Moto
    I have a 2017 kx450f with 30-40 hours, it had always started right up usually 3rd kick, over the winter I did an oil change, cleaned the air filter, and added a hour meter, I went riding yesterday and the bike did not want to kick start so I bumped it going down a hill, after that it ran perfect...
  3. Moto
    I’m curious what years kx450 frames are the same? I’m wanting to put a 2019+ motor in a 2017 frame if possible, I assume not but figured worth asking
1-3 of 3 Results