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  1. Ninja 650R, ER6
    Hey Everyone! I know there has been some discussion about this before and I'm not looking to start any debates about the legality of running LED headlights on the highway or anything like that. I wanted to post a DIY for what I just found with my 2019 650 abs. I just got the bike and wanted to...
  2. Wiring schematic for 'side marker lamps'

    With a relay (It HAS to have an 87a terminal) I wired the side marker LED's so that they remain on all the time. When the turn signal is activated the side marker lamps turn off whenever the turn signals turn on.
  3. Masked off mount with locations for LED's marked.

    *See title* Oh and don't mind my grubby ass hands.
  4. LED's in place for 'side marker' effect

    With the LED's in place I soldered the 18 gauge wire to each lead and heat shrink tubed them. The negative leads are all tied together and soldered (Still exposed although they eventually receive hot glue all around).
  5. Added side marker lamps to an '08 250r

    Here's a side shot of the LED side marker lamps at night.
1-10 of 10 Results