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  1. Ninja 650R, ER6
    Hey guys back again. Im trying to install clip ons on my er6f but im having clearance issues in nearly every part. Anyone have any good alternatives like sports bars? I've been looking through old posts but 0 links work anymore.
  2. KLR & KLX
    Eyyy, My name is Jeffrey and I'm new to the forum and motorcycles in general. I have been going at it alone, trying to upgrade my 2021 KLX300SM. I bought i because I thought it was the cheaper way to get to work but instantly became hooked. Riding a motorcycle is amazing. I know "it's stupid to...
  3. How-Tos and FAQs
    Hey guys just seeing if anyone has modded a 1995 zxr 750 And what they did I'm thinking of going the cafe/scrambler look so new headlights , clocks , suspension? And tidying her up with minimal fairings any ideas or pics, links etc be appreciated sorry if this is in wrong section , newbie here...
  4. KLR & KLX
    Hello, I am new to forums so bare with me.. I am looking at installing a Barrett KLX250 Full Exhaust System on my 1994 KLX250R but Barrett has informed me that they have designed their full exhaust system off of a 1997 KLX250. Both bikes are Australian models. Will i have any problems...
1-4 of 4 Results