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  1. my zx6r is kinda stuttering in first gear sometimes not sure if its cos of the traction setting?

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    hiyas! i been riding a zx6r 2014 i just got and b4 that i used to ride on a ninja 300 and the guys who sold me the bike said to put it on power L and also the KTRC one on number 3 so i noticed a few times maybe like 3 or 4 times it kinda stuttered or something at about 50 mph when i was riding...
  2. HELP! New bike troubles

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    hello, I'm the type of person who bought a 2020 Z650 as my first bike. I actually don't have my license yet so i haven't tried riding her. What I DID DO, however, was purchase some engine crash bars from T-Rex which I just now tried to install. After realizing the bars didn't quite fit before i...
  3. Learning The Hard Way

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    Hi Guys, My name is Tom, nice to meet you all. Just been reading some really interesting stuff in here, mostly the 2010 post about why newbies should not buy 600's or more powerful as their first bikes. I'm finding this out the hard way. I passed my test last year at 37 years old. I had had 5...
  4. Buying a stunt bike what would you recommend in my situation

    Stunter's Corner
    So I have $6000 in hand I have experience riding and hill cimbing dirt bikes in the coal reigons of pa I will be a new on road motorcyclist but I want to stunt in parking lots and what not to get the hang of stunting What bike would you recommend for a beginner : Here's what my plan is so...
  5. New FL rider

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    Hello to All! New rider to the central Florida area. Just picked up a 2007 ZZR600 with 21k miles. Just completed my first oil change and now getting ready to do a coolant flush and fill. A couple things have me a little worried. I know Florida is a HOT state, but I've already seen my bike reach...