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  1. Two Wheeled Discussion
    Background: -180cm (5'11)/70kg (154lbs)/33 y.o. -3 years of riding on a ZZR400 1993 (217kg/65Hp) -2 years break. -Currently taking safety riding lessons in preparation and thinking of buying a used bike. Riding style: -On weekends, street riding/touring/twisties. -Can do basic maintenance...
  2. ZZR600 & ZX-6R Old School
    I'm looking at this 2005 Kawasaki zzr600 and the guy says he had they shifter bearing replaced and the mechanic said that the main bearing is going out. I don't know what to look up or where exactly that is. any help would be great I really want to get this bike but I want to know what I'm...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm Nym. I just joined and want to say up front I am a newbie when it comes to motorcycles in pretty much every way. My interest in bikes started two years ago and I've been doing research on and off since then. I've never ridden a motorcycle and have had pretty much zero opportunity to do...
1-3 of 3 Results