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  1. Ninja 250R
    So I bought my Ninja 250R 2012 in August with 9'000km (It has 17'000km now). Had to replace some things but it was running fine until about a month ago. Sometimes when i start riding the bike and pull the clutch in, the idle RPM stays at 6k (Not always the same, sometimes 4k or 5k). Altough i...
  2. Ninja 250R
    So for the past 2 weeks my battery was not being charged by my stator. I was hooking my bike to a battery tender and only riding as needed while I waited for a new stator/rectifier. Since installing the new parts the bike has not started. It acts as though it wants to start but will not fire...
  3. Ninja 250R
    Hello guys, My kawi started rattling while ago either when is idling at the start or decerelating. Ive decided to replace cam chain with cam tensioner. Ive read on forums and Ive seen it on yt that it is possible and quiet straight foward. My only concern is that my new chain arrived in one...
  4. Ninja 250R
    So I recently got a 2010 ninja 250r, and on the ride home from purchasing it it stalled at a few stoplights, but other than that it ran fine. And as the days went on it became more and more hesitant on acceleration. It seemed bogged down so I assumed it was running too rich so of course the...
  5. New Member Introductions
    I’m Corban, I bought a 2010 Ninja 250 a few days ago not running. The previous owner said that it needed a carb clean/rebuild and it would run like a dream. It does need new fairings due too being laid over, new blinkers all around, new front tire, new battery the one in it currently isn’t the...
  6. Ninja 250R
    I have replaced my idle jets and carb bowl seals on my 88-07 Ninja 250, i cleaned out the bowl without removing the floats as they function properly. the reason for removing the carb bowl was to replace my idle jets and i replaced the bowl gaskets that was previously not leaking. i installed the...
  7. Ninja 250R
    Went to go ride by 2009 ninja 250R, and going low speeds it quickly got hot and the overheat light on the dash came on. The fan didn’t see to come on at all. What are ways to fix the problem, without having huge expenses. Please and thank you to all that help. Love the Kawasaki Community!
  8. Ninja 250R
    When I removed my tires and took them to a shop someone use the back breaks (not on tire) and now I cannot loosen the caliper to get it back in the tire? Is there anyway to loosen it?
  9. How-Tos and FAQs
    When I change my tires the back breaks got pushed and now the back caliper is closed and I cannot put it back on the tire? Is there anyway to loosen it so I can put it back on?
  10. Ninja 250R
    long story short almost got hit crossing 4 way stop and I panic break using front brakes and ended dropping my ninja 250 after 2nd week of purchasing it after getting the bike up I noticed the gear shifter pushed all the way back up and stuck, so I pushed it back down now it only finds 1st >...
  11. Ninja 250R
    Hi anyone know what I should give for a 2010 ninja 250 with a bad motor? A friend is trying to sell for $1000, good deal or bad
  12. New Member Introductions
    Looking for a Ninja sticker like these. Anyone know where I can get a 2 pack this size?
  13. Ninja 250R
    So I've been trying to get this bike to run right. Running off a small auxiliary fuel tank for testing. I've cleaned the carbs twice now, had them off about 4 times messing with the floats. I set them at 17mm (spec) the first time I cleaned the carbs. Put new needles and idle screws in. Jets...
  14. Ninja 250R
    Hello as you can see in the image, the tire is uncentered or something?? Anyone know how i could fix this? I just replaced the tire and used the zip tie method but now its this and im stuck.
  15. Ninja 250R
    I need some help. I noticed the nut on right side of rear Lower motor mount was missing...then I noticed the hole it should go through doesn't line up to come out other side. I don't know what to do, any advice....thanks. This is one of my main means of transportation...and I'm pretty new to...
  16. Ninja 250R
    I've been working on my 2001 Kawasaki Ninja 250 all day pretty much after it sat for about 2 years. I'm having some weird problems the internet hasn't yet helped me solve. It seems like every solution I find gives me new issues to work through. My research has led me to dead ends now so I guess...
  17. ninja 250

    ninja 250
  18. ninja 250

    ninja 250
  19. first bike i can call my own!

    Getting my first bike!
1-19 of 21 Results