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  1. New Member Introductions
    Looking for a Ninja sticker like these. Anyone know where I can get a 2 pack this size?
  2. My 2009 Ninja 650r

    My 2009 Ninja 650r

  3. Ninja 650R, ER6
    Hey guys, been riding my 650r all season without any issues but all of a sudden after a good 20 min of hard riding, as soon as i let off the throttle the bike started to engine break a lot harder than usual. I knew something was wrong so i got off the highway and i had maybe 25% of the power...
  4. Ninja 250R
    So I've been trying to get this bike to run right. Running off a small auxiliary fuel tank for testing. I've cleaned the carbs twice now, had them off about 4 times messing with the floats. I set them at 17mm (spec) the first time I cleaned the carbs. Put new needles and idle screws in. Jets...
  5. Two Wheeled Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a 2017 Kawasaki ninja 300 that doesn’t start and a 2014 ninja 300 that does, the 17’ has brand new battery, spark plugs, oil, coolant, and it used to start and run only while the starter was being engaged. Now it won’t spark. I swapped coil packs between the 2 bikes, my 14’ runs...
  6. Ninja 300
    I have a 2014 ninja 300 that I've have for over 2 years. On a ride today, I noticed a whining sound that would only show up under acceleration. Sounds very similar to a supercharger whine. I've never heard this sound before. It is only audible in 5th and 6th gear. I just had the chain and...
  7. Two Wheeled Discussion
    Anybody turned their 2012-2016 ninja 650 into a stunt machine? Mine is coming along. Got a crazy iron cage on the way but I need something for a subcage. The grom one looks like itll mostly fit if I drill new mounting points but nobody makes them because our rearsets are stupid. Anybody custom...
  8. All Other Models
    2016 ex650 one cylinder exahust temp 600s and other only like 300s? no codes. idle a tad rough but other wise runs great toook to shop where i bought it and both times found no problems but im sure there not suppose to be that drasticly difff?????????
  9. chillin in the man cave

    chillin in the man cave

    brought her in the living room to work on her, it's cold out.
  10. the ninjette

    the ninjette

    right after she got a new growler
  11. 88 ZX6R

    88 ZX6R

    I have been restoring this since 00, I have reupholstered the seats, new front slim turn signals. fairings where in bad shape still have some fiber glassing to do on right front fairing. all most done but I still ride it until funds are available for mods.
  12. My First Bike

    My First Bike

    My first bike ever!
  13. First day home

    First day home

  14. First day home

    First day home

  15. First day home

    First day home

  16. First day home

    First day home

  17. First day home

    First day home

    2009 Ninja 250R with Icon pursuit coat, accelerant gloves, tank bag and Shoei RF1000 and HJC helmet.
  18. On my Ninja 750R

    On my Ninja 750R

  19. Me on my Ninja 750R

    Me on my Ninja 750R

  20. Gauge cluster on my Ninja 750R

    Gauge cluster on my Ninja 750R