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  1. Ninja 250R
    I got a used headlight relay, and was going to add it in to get my running lights and highbeam lights to work again. When putting the used headlight relay in I started ignition turn it on and the lights didn’t work. And I went to touch the ignition to hear that headlight a relay click, and...
  2. Two Wheeled Discussion
    Hey All - I've got a 2019 z650 - its my second bike and I've got about 6k miles under my belt. I'm 6'2" 250lbs and the Z650 is starting to feel small. On longer rides, it gets uncomfortable with the bend in my knees. The Ninja line has always been my favorite. I've never owned a Ninja, but...
  3. For Sale - Motorcycles
    For Sale: 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Black on Black, New Michelin Pilot Streets, LeoVince Slipon Exhaust, New Front and Rear Brake Rotors, New Front and Rear Pads, New RK 520 Chain, New Front Pinion, New Rear Sprocket. New Radiator, New Mirrors, New Battery, Fender Eliminator. Super reliable, Fast...
    $3,699 USD
  4. Ninja 650R, ER6
    Just bought a 2009 ninja 650r that was layed down. The whole right side is scuffed/broken. I need the rear fairing, and upper front fairing at a minimum. I would like it all to match the factory green. Do you know if there is anywhere you can get like left and right upper fairings and matching...
  5. O

    Two Wheeled Discussion
  6. eBay Auction Links Section
    2021 Ninja 400 Engine, Wheels, Forks Main eBay store- Items for sale by mintautopart | eBay engine- 18-21 (2021) KAWASAKI NINJA 400 EX400 Engine Motor ⭐734 Miles⭐ NICE | eBay Forks- 2021 Kawasaki NINJA 400 FRONT END FORKS TRIPLE TREE CLAMP ASSEMABLY OEM 700Mile | eBay Front and Back...
  7. For Sale - Parts / Parts Motorcycles
    Various 2021 Ninja 400 parts Find us at- Mint Auto Parts Item available on eBay here- Items for sale by mintautopart | eBay Prices include shipping to the continental US. Contact me directly for a discount on multiple parts/shipping. Let me know if you need something that I don't have listed...
  8. All Other Models
    Hi guys, I'm new to the motorcycle-world and planning to buy a new Z125 since I only have A1-license. But I was wondering if it is possible to let the ECU reflash and if it would be worth it. I saw a video of a ninja 125 hitting 133kmh (82mph) with the ECU reflashed, but can't find much on the...
  9. 2007-2008 ZX-6R
    So I have an 07 Zx6r right, I bought it from a guy who said it needed throttle bodies to run right. Right when you start the bike and give it any gas it dies. Idles and runs well but any gas at all and it chokes. So I went and replaced the spark plugs, throttle bodies, put new gas in it, started...
  10. Ninja 650R, ER6
    Hey all, I owned an ER-6f, sadly it got stolen 2 months ago and I've finally got to a point where I can get a new bike (sidenote- bikesure, while cheap, takes forever to process a claim. A month just to validate it, over 2 months from report to money). Im looking a ninja 650, but as I sometimes...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hi all Yes, I am new. I have a 2021 Ninja 650 ABS with Full Yoshimura pipes. I had it tune here in Cali (Not telling you the shop). It had 8 runs. I have a Bazzaz race tuner. The final tune is INSANE! I just raced a Supra yesterday that has a Turbo, and I smoked his azz! If interested, I am...
  12. 2005-2006 ZX-6R
    My 05 636 pops out of 1st and 2nd while riding. Would this be shift forks n drum or the dog ears or should I just go ahead and replace all of it?
  13. ZX-10R
    Looking for a full aftermarket exhaust system for my '04 ZX10R. If anyone has one for sale feel free to reach out. Will also consider a smaller size slip on muffler (8inch i believe) as i have the OEM headers with correct midpipe. Thanks a lot guys!
  14. ZX-6R All Model Years
    I have a ZX600E5. I have bought a thermoswitch to change the old one, I have connected it to the radiator but when I connect the wires, fan immediately turn on even if the engine is off or the engine is cold. But when temperature gets high the fan dies. What could be the problem? Thank you in...
  15. Ninja 300
    I just bought a 2013 ninja 300a that was a track bike and I'm returning it to a street bike but I'm missing the pice that mounts to the front of the headlight that holds the front farings on any one know were I can find it or what it's called
  16. 2005-2006 ZX-6R
    The bike will run like five to ten seconds then shuts off. Please help. I think it’s the tilt sensor.
  17. New Member Introductions
    Looking for a Ninja sticker like these. Anyone know where I can get a 2 pack this size?
  18. Ninja 650R, ER6
    Hey guys, been riding my 650r all season without any issues but all of a sudden after a good 20 min of hard riding, as soon as i let off the throttle the bike started to engine break a lot harder than usual. I knew something was wrong so i got off the highway and i had maybe 25% of the power...
  19. Ninja 250R
    So I've been trying to get this bike to run right. Running off a small auxiliary fuel tank for testing. I've cleaned the carbs twice now, had them off about 4 times messing with the floats. I set them at 17mm (spec) the first time I cleaned the carbs. Put new needles and idle screws in. Jets...
1-20 of 40 Results