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  1. Ninja 250R
    So I bought my Ninja 250R 2012 in August with 9'000km (It has 17'000km now). Had to replace some things but it was running fine until about a month ago. Sometimes when i start riding the bike and pull the clutch in, the idle RPM stays at 6k (Not always the same, sometimes 4k or 5k). Altough i...
  2. All Other Models
    Hey guys. Does anyone adjusted the sub throttle sensor since as per the manual it says do not remove the sensor since its adjusted at factory. I needed to remove the sensor from my throttle body (ive kawa z750 year 2008) so I wonder now how I can get back to where it was. As per the manual it...
  3. Cruiser
    Accidentally, yesterday my brother took my Vulcan900 and didn't press the start button long enough to turn it on, he just touched it. After that the motorcycle does not turn on anymore. Does anyone know what to do in this case !? Need help 😔
1-3 of 3 Results