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  1. Z750, Z800, Z1000
    I need help finding a fuel map for my 2003 Kawasaki Z1000 with Yoshimura slip on exhaust, the bike had been sitting with a dead battery, and the power commander lost memory i guess. The power commander website doesn't have the map for my bike anymore. I have a power commander 3.
  2. Z750, Z800, Z1000
    I have a 2011 ninja 1000sx. I recently had problems with it bogging down at around 6k rpm’s and the spotty throttle common on the bikes. I sent my ecu to Ivan for the flash. Got it back and went ahead and changed my fuel pump along with the filter under it. Couldn’t get it to start at all. Ended...
  3. Z1000

    gas, gas
  4. Z1000

    I love this bike
1-4 of 4 Results