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  1. 2007-2008 ZX-6R
    On easter sunday the fuel pump in my 2008 ZX-6R stopped working, leaving me stranded on the side of the highway. I ordered and installed a pump rebuild kit and now the bike runs but will not rev over 10k rpm in any gear including neutral. I double checked all the seals on the pump, nothing was...
  2. ~My 2015 Ωinja ZX-6R 636~

    I got this bike maxed out at 195mph!! 🏍💨💯95
  3. New Member Introductions
    hiyas! i been riding a zx6r 2014 i just got and b4 that i used to ride on a ninja 300 and the guys who sold me the bike said to put it on power L and also the KTRC one on number 3 so i noticed a few times maybe like 3 or 4 times it kinda stuttered or something at about 50 mph when i was riding...
  4. Ninja 650R, ER6
    So I just bought a 2015 ninja 650 last week. It only came with 1 key and I was meaning to get a copy made, but... Anyways I lost the only key I had. Theres a small chance i could find it because I'm in the middle of moving. But here's my dilemma so far, I've looked at the part numbers and from I...
  5. ZX-6R All Model Years
    Hi guys, I've just gotten my 05 ZX-6R back on the road and noticed the temperature is super erratic. I'm talking that it bounces from 65 - 110 - 70 - HI - 80 etc (in celcius). I'm pretty sure it's not actually overheating but it's putting me on edge a bit. Where could I start with this? I know I...
  6. ZX-6R

  7. ZX-6R

    Time to "Do Work!" T-REX!!!
  8. ZX-6R

    T-Rex need I say more...
  9. ZX-6R

    This is the best $125.00 I ever spent, front, rear, spools, T-Rex Racing is the BEST!!! Time to do my 600 mile tune up...
  10. ZX-6R

    This is where my new baby sleeps
  11. ZX-6R

  12. ZX-6R

1-13 of 13 Results