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  1. ZX-7R & ZX-9R
    Anyone know where I can pick up a stretched swingarm for my 2000 ZX9R? Are there any one piece arms for sale online or do I have to get a custom one made?
  2. ZX-12R
    To start off my journey with this bike I bought it blown up so I did an engine swap with a used but running engine. Recently I finished plugging everything in and I’ve been having tons of electrical gremlins. First off the run/stop switch and ignition switch has zero power and does nothing, fuel...
  3. ZX-12R
    Hi guys! I can actually remember that at some point in 1999, here in the United States, not sure if it was Cycle Trends, or what the magazine was, but on the front cover was a 'Red' 2000 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R that was dubbed, 'The Busa Killa'. I swore that one day I would get one of them, and...
  4. Two Wheeled Discussion
    Does anyone happen to know if I could do a tail swap on my 03 zzr1200 to a zx12r tail? I want that single seat with a cowl behind it like the zx is versus the long 2 person seat on the zzr. Or does anyone know where I can look up interchangeable parts? The only way I could probably do it by...
  5. ZX-12R
    Recently bought a 2000 zx12r off my bro and let’s just say this puta is a piece of work So Iong story short I had to replace the entire electrical system in the bike most recently being the stator. But the bike is still not running and getting zero power. this bike means the world to me and I...
1-5 of 5 Results