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  1. Buying Advice: Kawasaki ZZR1100 D model

    Hi Guys Since I've been driving the ZZR600 E for almost 4 years now, I've thought of upgrading to the ZZR1100 D model from 1993-2001. Particularly only the D model as I've read about the con rod bearing on the 3.rd cylinder on the older models, also some gearbox issues with the 2.nd gear. I'm...
  2. ZZR-600 temperature advice

    ZZR600 & ZX-6R Old School
    Hi Guys I have a ZZR-600 E model from 1999, my first bike, been riding it for a couple of years now only at Spring/Summer season. I also own a VN 750 Vulcan 1990. I need some advice understanding the temperature gauge. My temperature always stays around the second mark on the gauge when...
  3. Kawasaki ZZR 400 - Various parts for sale

    For Sale - Parts / Parts Motorcycles
    Hi, I've got for sale the following parts for the Kawasaki ZZR 400. I've been struggling to attract attention so figured I'd create some exposure here in the hope they may be of use to someone. Top yoke Rear suspension linkage (needs overhaul) Clutch lever and perch (damaged lever) Rear grab...
  4. Integrated Tail Lights Wiring Diagram

    Integrated Tail Lights Wiring Diagram

    Wiring diagram for integrated tail lights with a trailer hitch module