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  1. ZZR600 & ZX-6R Old School
    Does anyone know if there's anywhere in the UK I can have my CDI rebuilt for my 1993 zzr600 e1, that won't cost the earth? We've checked absolutely everything on the system and kept coming back to the CDI (I C Igniter). Brand new ones are over £500 - what I paid for the bike 3 years ago! - so...
  2. ZZR600 & ZX-6R Old School
    Hi all, Trying to find aftermarket parts for my 2003 ZZR600 is a right pain! I'm just wondering whether any parts for the 2003 ZX6R will fit the ZZR? Thanks in advance! Ash
  3. All Other Models
    Hi all, Trying to find aftermarket parts for my 2003 ZZR600 is a right pain! I'm just wondering whether all parts for the 2003 ZX6R will fit the ZZR? Thanks in advance! Ash
  4. ZZR600 & ZX-6R Old School
    Hi. New to the forum due to needing some exhaust help. I'm almost finished getting a old (1994) zzr600e back up and on the road. Only problem I have is that it's the exhaust needs replacing and it's hard to find the 4 to 2 manifolds. What others fit. As I see allot of 4 to 1's from other...
  5. Wanting To Buy
    Looking for a 05-08 ZZR600 ECU wanting to spend about 65 shipped to 25162. Paypal as the preferred payment method.
    $65 USD
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I’m hoping this community can help me out with an issue I have with my 1993 ZZR600 and hopefully I can help others along the way too. For now I’ll just say hello and look forward to being involved in this forum Thanks Dan
  7. 2005-2006 ZX-6R
    Hey all, would appreciate any help here. I'm new to motorcycle repairs and I've gone past my abilities. Here's a 1 min video showing what the starting attempt sounds like plus an up-close look of the dash when it resets everything. video: zzr troubleshooting This bike was sitting for 1.5...
  8. ZX-6R All Model Years
    Permission to post admins. Hello. Planning on getting ang new Shock for my ride. But I don't know what the length is. Particularly eye to eye. Can anyone help me? Thank you so much all. Ride safe, stay safe.
  9. Two Wheeled Discussion
    I used to ride a little cruiser which I sold but my buddy has been trying to get me to pick up a bike to ride with his r6. I am a moderately handy car guy and saw this very good deal online. Guy says he has the wrong sized clutch cable on it so it never disengages the clutch. I figured that was...
  10. 2003-2004 ZX-6R
    Hi i just bought a 2004 zzr600 and i was wondering if there was a phone mount that could fit it , i can’t find any spots for a phone mount , the fork stem cap doesn’t seem to be able to open to insert a fork stem phone mount 🤔
  11. ZX-6R All Model Years
    Hi everyone! I'm new here and I was hoping to get some expertise. A bit of background on this, I've bought a 2008 ZZR600 14 months ago and I have been having issues ever since. I've looked around the forums for solutions as these all seem to be common problems (Stumble at launch, hanging idle...
  12. ZX-6R All Model Years
    Permission to post admins! Hello. I am planning to buy a repair kit for my ZZR600. I locally found new kits for ZZR600G and J, and ZZR600 2005. And also new kits for ZZR400 1990-2004 Is this compatible for my ZZR600? Your suggestions are truly appreciated. Because the kawasaki local factory...
  13. ZX-6R All Model Years
    Looking for where I can Buy one. One of my preload adjusters got stuck and not rotating anymore. And I can't find someone that would repair it. They say it could leak. I am from the Philippines. Hope you guys can help me. Also maybe you know where I can buy a replacement shock?
  14. Two Wheeled Discussion
    I have a 2007 Kawasaki zzr600 and the front wheel is curbed I’ve been looking for a new one but can’t find any from the same bike does anyone know what bike I can pull one from that will still work? I want to get this thing on the road!!
  15. ZZR600 & ZX-6R Old School
    After riding 10km to get my salary. I parked my bike after a 20mins of waiting in line, I got on my bike and then it doesn't start anymore. Please help. Fuse are all okay. The battery is great. Fan is good, all lights are working. When I press the ignition switch, nothing happens, I only hear a...
  16. New Member Introductions
    Howdy Y’all, I’m brand new to the motorcycle community and the forum and I need some help diagnosing (what I think is) a fuel delivery issue. I bought this 2007 Kawasaki zzr600 in pieces about a month ago with the hopes of rebuilding it like I had with my first few cars. So far I’ve put...
  17. ZZR600 & ZX-6R Old School
    Hi Guys I have a ZZR-600 E model from 1999, my first bike, been riding it for a couple of years now only at Spring/Summer season. I also own a VN 750 Vulcan 1990. I need some advice understanding the temperature gauge. My temperature always stays around the second mark on the gauge when...
  18. New Member Introductions
    Hello to All! New rider to the central Florida area. Just picked up a 2007 ZZR600 with 21k miles. Just completed my first oil change and now getting ready to do a coolant flush and fill. A couple things have me a little worried. I know Florida is a HOT state, but I've already seen my bike reach...
  19. ZZR600 & ZX-6R Old School
    So I've read a lot of threads that this bike apparently has some shifting issues but I didn't really see a solution or a problem that described how my bike is acting. To begin, the problem with my bike is that when I shift past 2nd I run into the problems. Shifting up I have to tap the gear...
1-19 of 19 Results