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It's pretty easy (I took my 02 apart, should be the same)

There are 3 bolts that hold it onto the bike, take those off.
There are 5 or 6 screws on the back that hold the front cover/lenses on, take those out.
Now the top is loose, just take it off.
If you want to remove the gauge faces themselves (ie you got new ones) you need to remove the needle.
Move the needles all the way around clockwise until they are at magnetic neutral (normally facing down, basically where they want to come to rest). Mark where they are pointing, this makes it easier to get them aligned when you re-assemble.
Easiest way to remove the needles is 2 flat screwdrivers or 2 spoons. Put them opposite eachother (screwdrivers or spoons) and apply even pressure, underneath the circle thing the needles are attatched too (nice technical wording there huh?) they will pop off.

Now you can pop the faces off, there is some light glue around the middle, just put a think knife or screwdriver between the face and the clear plastic assembly it's on, and work it around, they will get loose and pop off.

You may need the stop-pin if you are putting in enw faces(where they rest at 0mph and 0rpm). You need to squeeze them on the back and push them out.

Thats about it, when you put them back together you might need to do a bit of aligning with the pins so they line up right, so don't reassemble everything until you have made sure it still lines up. If they are not lined up you'll see them bounce off the stop-pins or not go all the way through their range when you turn they key to on.

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