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00 zx6r
2005 ZZR600 engine installed end of last season with 1200miles on it. around 4k estimated miles now. (gearing throws off speedo)
Speedo mileage at 16601 (geared at around 12500 so its closer to maybe 15000 miles on chassis)
GSXR1000 MC handbrake installed
clean title
straight frame
straight forks (brand new seals)
950 cage
homemade 12 bar
-1 +15 gearing
535 x-ring chain
Pro Taper dirtbike bars
Acerbis Headlight
Cut down Muzzy pipe. Full Exhaust not just a Slip-On

Bike has various dents and scrapes. I mean, its a stuntbike. The most important thing is that the enigne is fresh, frame is good and forks are good. The bike is ready to kill lots or streets, whatever you choose.

Now for the bad.

Curb bent front wheel
front MC leaks occasionally
Slight oil leak from stator. (could easily be fixed with more RTV)
Various dents and scrapes
Subframe has been welded to reapir it
Choke switch broke (you just pull the cable now, ghettofied!)
Trailer light for taillight (the factory one stuck out to far from subframe, had to go for more clearance during wh00lies)
Muzzy exhaust has seen better days. It leaks at the second set of welds on the header
Radiator tabs are broken

thats everything

Extra parts that come with the bike:
extra zx9r subframe
extra zx9r gas tank
extra rear wheel
stock clipons
extra set of carbs
extra rear brake rotor
extra haggard FI style cage. just incase the 905 breaks.
extra 905 12 bar (i liked mine better)

Located in Fort Wayne Indiana. Price is set to $2500 negotiable. Bike is mechanically a reliable bike and should have plenty of seasons of stunting left in it. I didnt crash it too much maybe 2 hard drops from 12. Mostly just tipped over and dropped, or off balance and let it fall since im about 140lbs wet and couldnt hold it all the way up when its falling over so it was let down easy in alot of situations.

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It leaks because i was in a hurry to ride when i put the third stator on. I didnt let the Black silicone gasket maker dry complelty, i wanted to hit that spot! but now that you mention it the block was cracked. But thats not why it was leaking because with the 2nd stator cover on is was cracked and fixed and didnt leak.

Posts cannot be edited after 30mins. otherwise id put that in there. i honestly forgot.
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