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I want to sell my 2001 zx6r. It has 5111 miles on it . It candy lightning blue . I live in pa. I will meet you half way to ship it. It all stock. selling because want a 2003 zx6r in blue. Have all the stock parts on for it and will include with the sale. Im looking for 6,300 with carbon parts and all . and 6,000 stock and all the stock parts on it . just e-mail me @ [email protected] . will post pic when I get the exaust is done

carbon fiber flush mount (front)
clear tail lense.
clear rear blinkers. (rear)
polished rims ( but the center of the rims are blue)
polished stock exaust canster
carbon fiber fender huger
carbon fiber triple tree cover
carbon fiber ram air ducts
carbon fork covers.
carbon fiber tank gaurd
new front and rear tires ( just put them on . they have not seen the gound yet )
targa solo cal
Blue strob light under the front and rear wheels
Blue head lights
blue center bulb ( between the head lights)
white speedo gauges.
2 bottles of toush up paint.

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i also have 2001 zx6r, it has about 3000 miles, carbon fiber flush mounts, front and rear, jet kit, full titanium Muzzys exhuast, matching arai quantum f helmet, matching joe rocket jacket, and matching gloves, im looking to sell for 6500, i am also in PA, let me by email, [email protected]


2001 ZX 6R
full muzzys ti exhaust
carbon fiber flush mounts
matching leathers, gloves and helmet
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