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'02 or '03?

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Well, Kawasaki is the way I am going and I am currently looking at 2 bikes. One is a '02 ZX6R with 3 miles (leftover) and was marked down to $7000. He is willing to go to $6700, which should put me OTD for about $7500. The other is a '03 model.

For those who have been on both, which one do you like? I hear that the '03 is a bit more track friendly, whereas the '02 is more confortable. Personally I am liking the '02 more than the '03, but will see what price I can get out on LI. Post your thoughts and let me know. Thanks
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THAT 02 is over priced. I see you are from NYC. Are you looking at Camrod?

I like the 02 better than the 03. Rode them both.
I personally think the 03 is very sexy. It's not available in green here with the 636 engine so I'm in no rush to run out and buy it. After seeing the two sitting side by side at the dealer, I have to say the 02 was the one I lusted after more (I know the 03 owners here think I'm crazy now). It's just the one I like. If you get a good deal on either one though, you won't be disappointed.
Originally posted by cyberdos

THAT 02 is over priced. I see you are from NYC. Are you looking at Camrod?

I like the 02 better than the 03. Rode them both.
Hahaha... how did you guess?? :D Seems that they are famous for their high prices. Can't find any other dealer with leftover '02 bikes however.

I am waiting for my friend to head out to LI and look at some '03 bikes. That would suit me better as they take the kawa credit. Also waiting on credit app from Camrod.

Sucks because I like that 02 but dont want to get bent over for it. Depending on how it goes today in LI I may be riding an 03 soon.
you probably won't come out this far looking for bikes (sayville area), but if you do, stay away from Long Island cycle. very very bad place with multiple lawsuits pending because of their tactics. just some advice [:M121]
Depends on what you plan on doing with it. I firmly believe the 02 is much better for long distance and everyday riding. Now come the posts about how many miles everyone with an 03 has done no problem. Blah blah blah. Didn't say you CAN'T do it, it's just easier on an 02.

I paid $6700 for mine over a year ago with 0 miles still in the crate. Bent over is right.
Another newbie here!

I am facing the same dilemma.....02 or 03. That 03 in red is really sexy and that is THE look I want. On the other hand, I found a clean (1200-mi.) used 02 in yellow with a Yoshimura exhaust, tinted screen and yellow passenger seat. The guy wants $6200. San Diego area. What do you think?
I had the option of getting either the '02 or waiting for the '03 and went with the '02. Personally, I'm not diggin' the new Ninja style for '03, but that's just me. My red/blk '02 just reminds me of the first Ninja 600's I saw as a kid, the first sportbikes I ever encountered.

In Sept. of '02 I got mine new with .04 miles for $6700 - they gotta give you a better deal than that!

As for the used one in S.D. - I'd give up maybe $5500 if it hasn't been down.
As mentioned that's way too much for an '02. I might be biased but you can't go wrong with the '03. :D
Well, just got back from LI and have a price set for a '03 636. There letting it go at $7500. Very good attention and service, could have the bike as early as tomorrow. Basically it will boil down to finding out what credit I got in the city and how much further he will lower the price. Sounds like in LI I can get the bike out for $8500, but that includes lowering the bike a tad bit (i'm short [:eek:)]) Either way, gonna go sleep off the massive hangover that has been lingering all day.
Originally posted by STRIKER

As for the used one in S.D. - I'd give up maybe $5500 if it hasn't been down.
Yeah, 5500 would be fair for that bike. I may be biased and all but I think the 02 in Yellow is freakin sweet! It also helps that when you describe that one it's pretty close to describing my bike :D.
Ya, that 02 in yellow looks very cool. I will have to offer the guy less ($5500?) then the $6200 he is asking. Then see what the 7 Kawasaki Shops in my area will be willing to come down to. I figure with the economy down and the 04s due out soon (?) they may give me such a good deal that I won't be able to pass up on a brand new 03! decisions....decisions.

Heres a pic of the 02 for sale. Hope it posts.

I noticed your's has a yellow rear tire fender. Do you plan to remove it? Any problems in doing so?


The used 02 for $6200.
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I personally would go for the 02 if you can get a good deal. That thing looks sweet!! As for the rear tire hugger, I put that on a little while back and really like the way it looks on there. It seems to accent the bike while keeping a lot of excess dirt and grime off of the shock and underside of the bike. Once I get my pics resized a bit I'll post em up for everyone. I have shots at all different angles.

Good luck on the bike choosing!
I checked out that hugger at www.newportcycleparts.com

Looks very nice. I will have to wait till next weekend to look at the bikes as I am at work out of town. Hoping he still has it for sale. It's going to be a long week! But once at home the fun will begin!!

Thanks for everybodys input. I'll let you know what happens.

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That yellow bike looks real clean. I like the Targa cowl.

Heres my 02, I got it for $5700 out the door with only 400 miles.MDzx6r has attached this file: p7140006.jpg
Sweet bike MD. Well, the debate is now over :D
Capicuu, Yes Camrod is notorious for overpriced bikes but they are also known to give you credit when others don't. Guess where I got my bike? :) But I got my brand new 02 with 0.0 on it in 02. That's why it seems that you are getting f'ed in that particular deal you mentioned. You might wann talk the guy down. I know they really don't go for it there but it's your money they are after and you can go elsewhere. I advise you to talk them down. Tell them that you were talking to me and I said that I bought my bike brand new and at that same price last year.

Good luck with the buy. Maybe we can hook up after you get it.

Picked up an '03 on Saturday out in LI. Gave me a decent price and the selling point was that they take the Kawasaki CC, so I am locked in at 3.9% for 2 years. Put on almost 100 miles this weekend and I am in love with the bike. I am suprised at how easy it is all coming back to me, as I had not ridden in a while, but I have alot of respect for the beast. Hopefully I will get to break it in soon (may be going up to Bear Mountain with a friend from work) and then be able to feel more confident on the hwy. Definetely would be looking forward to riding sometime in the future with some other Kawa owners to, i'll shoot you a pm later.

Thanks for the info obtained here, it played a big part in making a decision to get this bike. Funny thing was I started with the Kawa as the last on my list but it blindsided me and now I'm in love with it :D
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