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the water coming out of the bottom of the exhaust is condensation.
there is a hole at the bottom to let it out.don't worry about it.

your bike will smell rich cos it is running on the choke.
if it's stood in a cold garage and you start it up,it will smoke a bit cos of the damp surroundings.

i put my bike away for the winter here in england at the end of november.i start it up every couple of weeks.let it run till the electric fan kicks in then let cool.i never have a problem with it.i leave the battery on charge all the time.

if u do want to start it up in your garage then leave the door open or,if u can wheel it outside,let it run till the fan kicks in then turn it off and let cool and then put it away.
won't do it any good just starting it up for a couple of minutes and then turning it off.it will emulsify the oil.
it will do it good to get all the oil and coolant flowing round the engine for a while.
also it will prevent the fuel going off in the float bowls.
when you turn the bike off turn the fuel tap off as well.

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