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Hi all,

First time posting hoping for help. I have a kawasaki 2003 zx6rr.

I tried to run the bike the other day, and it kept bogging down when I opened up The throttle.

Got home and did some more tests,

-revs fine up to 5k rpm, revs above 8-10k rpm okay, only has problems if I hover around 7k which triggers the errors and and loud backfire, every time.

I pulled FI error code 51 and 54 - so my #1 and #4 coils. Numbered all coils with tape and played musical chairs with them - still 51/54 around 7k rpms.

I changed the spark plugs (due anyways) and pulled the coils, resistance checked out on all 4 (~1.4 ohm primary and ~9.5 kohm secondary resistance ).
Checked the resistance at the ECU with pins - varying 11-13v at being delivered to each coil depending on rpms. (spec 12v). So I think this checks out?

Checked all air hoses and connections. Air filter is a bit dirty but don't think that's the issue.

Fuel line not kinked.
Fuel pump replaced last year.

The fact that I can Rev above 7k leads me to believe it's not the fuel related, also I pulled injectors and cleaned them last year.

Any ideas before I have to either 1.) replace the ECU, or 2) bring it to the shop so they can tell me I have to replace the ECU.
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